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The Scary Nightmare Halloween Trick or Treat Storm

Published by Jannette Piedigrossi

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The Night of the Ooze

Long ago on a small farm located far away from anywhere sat a small two story house. The house was chipped and sagging and inside the house lived a family of four with three dogs. One dark Halloween the children prepared to go Trick or Treating when a sudden snowstorm ripped through the farm. The children still wanted to go Trick or Treating so the parents loaded them up in the old four wheel drive truck and headed for the neighbors house.

They Trick or Treated at one neighbor who gave them a sack of candy. The next neighbor gave another sack of candy. The third neighbor was never visited. The snow storm became too intense. The snow whirled around the little family in the old truck and visibility was impossible at best.

The family knew they were only a mile from home but they could not find home. The snow swirled around them. The father drove on without vision thinking he had driven the road hundreds of times and that he knew where he was going.

The truck inched along at about fifteen feet a minute. The children shivered in the truck with the snow getting thicker and wetter as they drove along.

Soon the snow was more like slimy ooze then snow and it was starting to leak through the cracks of the windows in the truck. The ooze covered everything the road, the trees, the truck. The windshield was completely covered in the ooze and everyone was afraid to go outside of the now stopped truck.

As they sat in the truck in the ooze storm faces started to appear through the windows. The faces were a part of the ooze. Scary faces like devils and witches that cackled and screamed at the lone truck on the back country road. The scary face of an old man without eyes popped into vision then was replaced by a face without a nose. The faces changed shape as they hit the windshield. The ooze became so thick that they only saw the faces as they hit the windshield. Each face that hit the windshield screamed terrifying screams.

Afraid of the faces that taunted them the father started driving the truck through the oozing scary faces. The faces smashed onto the windows as they inched along the slippery oozy road. The drive was terrifying and they all thought they would slip off the road anytime and be trapped in an oozy snow bank.

The faces now had bloody red streaks in them and they smashed into the windshield and screamed as they pummeled the truck. The ooze seeped into the window cracks at an alarming rate. The ooze was now so deep the children had to stand up to keep their faces above the ooze. The parents were frightened of the entire event and not knowing what to do they kept moving forward.

Just when they were about to give up the father saw the end of the driveway. He swung the truck into the driveway and drove up the drive. As he drove up the driveway the ooze turned back to snow. Once the truck was at the house the snow was just a dry powdery snow.

The father turned off the truck. The family sat for a moment. The snow swirled about them. The nightmare Halloween snowstorm was now just a snowstorm. Or was it? The truck was still full of the ooze.

This is taken from a true story that happened in the deep scary dark Wisconsin Northwood’s.

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