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The Top 10 Halloween Songs

Published by Mckinley Catterton

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The Top 10 Halloween Songs to Get Your “Boogie” on!

That time is creeping in upon us, Halloween! When you hear the word Halloween, you might think of candy, ghosts and goblins or corn fields and scary costumes. Well, you should also think of music! Here are the top ten Halloween songs!

  1. The Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show

It’s a funny song from a silly show. Perfect for a dance but only appropriate for teens and adults due to some language in it. Feel free to dance your heart out!

  1. Don’t Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult

This is a funny song telling you not to fear the Grim Reaper or to fear death in itself. This song might only be appropriate for adults however, being that there are a lot of references relating to death.

  1. Witchy Woman by the Eagles

This is a Halloween classic. If you have not heard this song during Halloween, you might not own a radio! This song is appropriate for almost all ages, unless you don’t want your child to hear references to witches.

  1. Little Red Riding Hood by Sam “The Sham” and The Pharaohs

Although it’s not really a Halloween song, the tune is definitely haunting. It really gives that spooky feeling, and also has some scary lyrics. This of course is about a guy wanting to be with a girl, but, children will just recall the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, so it is appropriate for all ages.

  1. Ghostbusters from Ghostbusters

When you think of Halloween, chances are the first thing that pops into your head is a ghost. Or, if you’re a child, it might be candy! This song is perfect for children as it has a little ring to it that gets stuck in your head for hours to come!

  1. Casper the Friendly Ghost from Casper the Friendly Ghost

This song is perfect for the younger listeners. Most children have seen the movie and the music is just a perfect Halloween song for those little ones dressed as ghosts!

  1. Jeepers Creepers by Louis Armstrong (written by Harry Warren and Johnny Mercer)

This song is all about someones eyes. It’s another one of those songs that can get stuck inside your head for a while. Appropriate for all ages.

  1. Thriller by Michael Jackson

Maybe it’s the artistic video, or the beat of the music, or the crazy dance that ties it all together, but this is a perfect Halloween song. Also appropriate for all ages, but the music video may be disturbing to some children.

  1. Love Potion #9 by the Clovers

Appropriate for all ages, a funny song about someone that drank potion when asking a gypsy for advice. Very amusing the story that it tells!


  1. Monster Mash by Bobby “Boris” Pickett

Ask someone to say a Halloween song, and this is probably what you’ll hear. The most common Halloween song, appropriate for all ages! Who wouldn’t love a song with crazy dancing monsters and a mad scientist?

Have fun playing these songs at your event. You’re sure to give a “scare”!



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