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The Top 5 Brands of Gluten Free Halloween Candy

Published by Carlie Gavigan

www.glutenfreemall.com Web site. They have a great selection on this page of gluten-free licorice, lollipops and other candy products.

Illinois Nut

Another great online retailer of candies that are free of gluten is the company www.illinoisnut.com. Just go to this section of their Web site for their gluten-free candy.


Brighton’s candy and sweets offers a wide variety of gluten-free candies. You can purchase them at many stores and online at www.food4celiacs.com or at this site.

College Farm

The College Farm brand of gluten-farms is a well-known and respect brand. You can find College Farm gluten-free candies at www.wellnessgrocer.com or at this Web site.

Mother Nature

Another great online retailer is www.mothernature.com. This site carries a wide selection of gluten-free candy for Halloween. Just check out this page or site for their selection.

These are just some of the many places that sell gluten-free Halloween candy. Make sure you always ask the retailer if they have gluten-free candy. If they do not have in stock, they may be able to order it for you or send you in the right direction.

Have a wonderful and safe Halloween this year and enjoy these brands of gluten-free candy.


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