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Throwing a Fun Halloween Party for Toddlers

Published by Randy Haseltine

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Halloween can often be scary for small kids. I have great tips for throwing a Halloween party for toddlers. I have suggestions for games, crafts, decorations and prizes.

A Halloween party is perfect for kids to obtain candy without having to go door to door to stranger’s houses.

Games should be kept simple and short. A favorite licorice rope races. Place an expandable, tension curtain rod in a door way approximately 4 feet off the ground. Using licorice rope tie one end to the curtain rod, letting the rest dangle in the door way. Instruct the kids to eat the rope without using any hands. The one to eat it the fastest is the winner!

Fishing for candy.

Drape a curtain or sheet over a tension rod in a doorway approximately 4 feet from the ground (you can use the same one you used for the licorice rope races as long as you’re done with the races). Make sure the curtain goes all the way to the ground and is high enough up that the children can not see over it. Have someone sitting behind the curtain with treat bags filled with candy or toys. Using a long stick (or fishing pole without the hook) have the kids “fish” by tossing their line behind the curtain. The person behind the curtain should then tie a goody bag onto the line and lightly tug on the line to let the kids know they have a “fish”. Children love pulling out their line and finding goodies on the end!

Set up a craft table with large pom pom balls, colorful pipe cleaners, construction paper and glue.


Have the children glue a large pom pom ball in the middle of a pipe cleaner so that there are equal amounts of pipe cleaner on each side of the pom pom. Place another pipe cleaner on the pom pom the same way next to the first. Bend the pipe cleaners to make the legs of the spider.

Bat hands.

Trace your child’s hand prints on construction paper. Cut out the hand prints and a circle (for the body). Glue the hand prints on each side of the circle forming bat wings.

Every party wouldn’t be complete without something to eat and drink. As a Halloween twist, fill up a latex glove with green kool-aid. Tie the glove shut and place in the freezer. When the hand is frozen gently remove the glove from the frozen kool-aid and place in the punch bowl.

For decorations use a lot of balloons and streamers. You can even find wall displays that transform an entire wall at places like Party City or Oriental Trading Company.

Hope these ideas help you throw a fun Halloween party for your toddler and their friends!



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