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Throwing a Wizard Themed Halloween Party

Published by Zena Droke

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Ideas from Harry Potter to the Wizards of Waverly Place and Beyond

Throwing a Halloween party with a wizard’s theme seems to be made easy by the Harry Potter phenomenon. So we will start there are our first ideas. If you really need something easy as guidelines then choose a Harry Potter themed party. So many of the ideas are already laid out for you by JK Rowling herself. Use the movies to decorate your “Great Hall” like the Halloween scene in the first movie. Take the same scene to get some party food ideas as well. There are so many possibilities from the Harry Potter world. But if you are wanting to have something a little more generic or all wizard inclusive, then I have some other ideas that might help you as well.

Start by figuring out what party foods you might want for your Halloween party. The types of foods will surly help your party have a life of its own. I do like the foods from Harry Potter. But I also think there are some other things that might work too. I made a wizard hat shaped cake for a party. Now, I am not an artist, so I think that cake looked more like a clown hat, but the children loved it. All I did was take a rectangle cake and cut the sides, the long way to make a pointy hat shape. Then I decorated it with the colors of the party theme. This was a cool wizard theme item that went over very well. Another food item you can have is worms and mud. This is simply chocolate pudding mixed with crushed Oreo cookies and gummy worms placed on the top and throughout. A tasty treat for all the young wizards and witches out there.

Remember to decorate according to your wizard/witch theme. Have broomsticks line the wall near the door. Have jars filled with who knows what in the kitchen next to a steamy cauldron. Plenty of spider webs are a must too. Lots of candles need to be placed throughout the party area(s). Have flowing robes hanging in the bathroom. You can tailor all the décor to your favorite wizard theme, whether it is Harry Potter or the Wizards of Waverly Place. Let your imagination run wild. It will make your wizard themed Halloween Party a huge success.

Need a party game or two that fits right in with the wizard theme? Why not try a thrilling game of broom races? Just make sure you have a wide selection of the brooms as each wizard and witch has their own unique needs. You can have several “heats” and the winner can get a wizard prize, like a cauldron full of candy corn, or a new wand! Whatever you think will work well with your group of wizards.

So still need another party idea? Why not have your Halloween guests come dressed as their favorite wizard. There are so many throughout history and in so many books. Each other guest can guess which wizard everyone is. Have everyone fill out a paper. The person that gets the most correct gets a new wizard staff or a cauldron filled with some sort of goodie. Maybe you can even have a costume contest and the winner gets a book or a movie about a wizard. The possibilities are really endless with this Halloween themed party.


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