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Throwing an Adult Halloween Party

Published by Carlie Gavigan

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Safe, Fun Halloween Party Ideas for the More Mature Crowd

Halloween is often thought of as a children’s holiday. In actuality, though, it has evolved from an ancient Pagan celebration to a time where everybody, young and old, can have fun and spook themselves or others. Schools often give Halloween parties or host festivals to keep young children off the streets on the night of the holiday, and there are plenty of alternatives to going out for teens and adults as well.

One popular idea is to have an outdoor party. The full moon has special significance in Halloween lore; be sure to plan your party for a night when the moon is completely round and likely to be visible. You can build a bonfire and dance in costume around it. Carve pumpkins with your guests and be sure to tell plenty of scary stories. If you live near the woods or fields, consider playing flashlight tag with only the light of the moon to guide you. Just make sure the area you play in is actually safe. If you don’t have an outdoor area, perhaps you can turn a barn or a basement into a haunted house.

Another idea, which can be used alone or as part of your outdoor party, is to have a Halloween scavenger hunt. Around Halloween, people decorate the outside of their houses with plenty of ghosts, zombies, and black cats. Partygoers can split up into groups and instead of going door-to-door trick-or-treating, they can take pictures of these items with their cell phones or disposable cameras. Everyone comes back to your house or backyard at a certain time to compare photos. It is probably best to take pictures of decorations or something that can easily be seen in the dark.

If these ideas don’t appeal to you, how about a monster-themed dance party? Ask your guests to dress up as various monsters or characters, get some Halloween-themed music, and dance the night away! You could even do this outdoors if you have a laptop computer or boom box. Make sure to play a copy of the signature Halloween rock theme, Monster Mash, and make sure everybody dances! Dancing makes people hot and thirsty, so make sure to have monster-themed drinks such as sodas with eyeballs in them or severed-finger straws.

Halloween doesn’t have to be just for kids. Teens and adults can have fun as well with an outdoor or other Halloween themed party.

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