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Tips for a Baby’s First Halloween

Published by Roseanne Peveto

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A Parent’s Guide to Spooky, Safe, Fun for Babies

Halloween is that special time of year that gives us the opportunity to play like children. Dressing up in spooky costumes, playing tricks on your co-workers and eating candy until you’re sick are all reasons for adults to join in on the fun. But for those of us with small children under a year, that fun can be taken away by colicky, teething, or just plain fussy babies. But, no need to turn away Mr. and Mrs. Mischief. With some pre-planning, fun is right around the corner for all ages.

  1. Plan trick-or-treating before the rush of children come. This will give parents the opportunity to get all of the “first Halloween” pictures in without being interrupted by hours of 8 year olds wired with sugar at your door.
  2. Dress your child in a breathable, comfortable costume, preferable pajama-style, in order for your child to enjoy. Think non-itchy, scratchy fabric your child can layer under a jacket if it’s chilly outside.
  3. Consider age of child. If your child is still an infant, don’t plan on going too far. A walk around the block is all they need to feel the fresh air and hear the sounds of the outdoors. Infants won’t appreciate much more than that. If your child is around 9 months, then they may enjoy a little longer of a stroll. Just make sure you pack some juice or milk and a small age appropriate snack just in case the crabbies kick in. Be sure to point out the change in color of the leaves, the cars driving by or sing nursery rhymes. Sometimes children this age are startled by strangers so make sure and comfort them by distracting them with different sounds and sights of nature.
  4. No Candy!! Candy poses choking risks that are sure to ruin any party so make sure to offer tots fresh, cut up fruit or cereal crackers. They won’t know the difference! And it’s not a bad habit to start and keep.
  5. Invited to an adult Halloween party you don’t want to miss? Plan ahead for a sitter once you return from trick or treating. You are already dressed, have fun!!
  6. Keep your costume fun not scary for children. Children don’t understand why mommy and daddy are wearing fangs and blood dripping from their neck!! You can always add makeup and props after tot goes to bed with the sitter.



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