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Tips for a Rainy Halloween Night

Published by Rosie Trullinger

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October 31st is a fun day for both kids and adults. Kids get to dress up as their favorite character and collect lots of candy. Adults also get to dress up and go to Halloween parties. We always hope for a sunny and dry Halloween night. But once in a while, we get a rainy and wet Halloween night. This year, there is a very good chance that the scariest night of the year will be a rainy one because of the recent batch of Hurricanes. But don’t let the rain spoil your fun on that special day.

It might rain on Halloween, but it won’t stop the kids from having fun. If it’s just a light rain, they can just wear a raincoat or a poncho. Even though the raincoats and ponchos will cover their costumes up, they will still have fun collecting candy. Besides the main concern is keeping them dry. They can also use an umbrella. That way their costumes won’t be covered up. But the problem with umbrellas is that their hands won’t be free. They have to carry the umbrella around and for a little kid that can be tiresome. But no matter what option you choose, your kids will still have fun.

Some parents may want their kids to stay inside instead of trick or treating in the rain. There is always a good chance that your kids will get wet and catch a cold. But there are many things kids can do instead of trick or treating. You can take your kids to Chuck E. Cheese. It’s the ultimate place where a kid can be a kid. They can play games and eat lots of pizza. Plus they can see Chuck E. Cheese and watch him sing and dance. Or you can come up with your own Halloween games that your kids can play around the house. You can even invite your kids’ friends to come over and partake in the festivities. Another option is that you can take your kids to a haunted house. But make sure that the haunted house is not too scary. Try to find one that is suitable for children.

No matter what, your kids will have fun on Halloween. Halloween isn’t all about trick or treating. It’s about having fun and enjoying the scariest night of the year. The weather may be bad but you and your kids will have a good and fun Halloween.

10 Tips for a Rainy Halloween Night

  1. Always be prepared. Buy raincoats, ponchos, and umbrellas a few days before Halloween.
  2. Check the weather report. If there is a good chance of hard rain, make sure you have a back up plan for your kids. Think of other fun things to do instead of trick or treating.
  3. If it rains only a little bit, make sure that you drive your kid to each street. And when they are done, drive them home so they won’t have to walk too much in the rain.
  4. Supply your kids with plastic Halloween bags instead of paper.
  5. Instead of trick or treating, take your kids to Chuck E. Cheese.
  6. Make your own fun Halloween games for your kids to play around the house. Invite all their friends. Come up with several games and who ever wins each game gets a piece of candy.
  7. You can take your kids to a haunted house.
  8. Make sure your kids are protected from the rain, so they won’t catch a cold.
  9. If it’s thundering and lightning, keep your kids inside.
  10. No matter what, make sure your kids are having fun even though it’s raining. Reassure them that they will have the best Halloween ever!



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