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Tips for a Safe Halloween

Published by Rubin Schrager

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Whether out Trick-or-Treating or at home enjoying scary movies, Halloween can be a fun and scary time for kids and kids-at-heart alike. What it should not be, however, is scary for the wrong reasons. By taking a few common-sense precautions, we can all make sure that Halloween is both safe and fun for everyone.


What would Halloween be without costumes? Kids and adults both like to get dressed up for this holiday, and for good reason. Whether silly or scary, putting on a costume and taking on a different persona can be great fun.

Watch the length – Be sure the costume does not hang too low and interfere with walking. This is especially important for children who can get excited while Trick-or-Treating.

Peripheral vision – Having eye-holes that are large enough to see out of properly is very important. Crossing streets, especially, can be dangerous without your full range of vision.

Props – Swords, scythes, and wands are common costume accessories, and they are potential dangers in a fall. Make sure the tips and edges are rounded and smooth. Flexible materials are better than rigid ones.

Reflective clothing or strips – Make it easier for cars to see you crossing the streets. Remember, it starts getting dark quite early by the end of October.


There is no more common or fun aspect of Halloween than Trick-or-Treating. Running from door to door can lead to some safety concerns, however, so keep in mind a few areas to pay attention to.

Crossing Streets – As mentioned earlier, it is getting dark very early by Halloween. Couple this with excited children and costumes that may limit visibility and mobility, and you have a recipe for disaster. Make sure children and drivers both remember to exercise extra caution on the streets.

Know the neighborhood – The dangers of strangers and child-predators is often over-blown in the media today, but it never hurts to remind children of basic safety tips like never getting into cars with people they don’t know.

At home

Jack-o-Lantern safety – Carving a pumpkin can be great fun, especially for families with children. Be careful about letting small children help. Letting an adult do the carving or even just doing a painted pumpkin can be good alternatives. Also be sure lit candles are far away from flammable materials.

Remove potential danger areas – Children will be crossing your yard and walkways, so it is a good idea to remove items that they could trip on. In addition, think about sweeping up fallen leaves from sidewalks and porches.

Lights on for Trick-or-Treaters – Not only does leaving a porch light on let people know that you are home to provide treats, it can help the Trick-or-Treaters safely make their way to your door. As a bonus, light helps to discourage vandalism.

Review candy stash – Like stories of child-predators, tales of poisoned or otherwise tampered with treats are disproportionate to their actual occurrence. It still can be a good idea, however, to check for that rare happening.



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