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Tips for Child’s Safety During Halloween

Published by Lorie Marren

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Child safety is very important during Halloween. There are a lot of things that can happen to a child on Halloween and a lot of these things can be avoided by taking the right safety precautions. Here are some child safety tips to consider.

A lot of Halloween costumes are made with dark colors. When a child wears a costume that is dark it makes a child harder to see. Kids should carry glow sticks or flashlights with them. Parents can also buy reflector tape and put this on the costumes. Headlights from any type of vehicle will reflect off the tape. This will make a child easier to see.

Parents need to make sure that the Halloween costume their child wears is not a hazard. Make sure that the child can’t trip on any part of the costume. Also, make sure that shoelaces are tied.

Parents or some other trusted adult should always accompany young children when their out on Halloween night.

If very young kids are trick or treating the parents should walk up to the door with them. If the kids are grade school age then they can walk up to the door by themselves. The parents should always stay close by like out on the sidewalk.

If kids are going out trick or treating with other kids, they should always go in groups and stay together. A child should never go out by themselves.

To be as safe as possible kids should only go to people and places that they know. If they run into someone that is unfamiliar to them, they need to use the basic rule of safety which is don’t talk to strangers.

There are a lot of neighborhood streets that do not have good lighting. The streets can be dark and unsafe for kids.

Parents need to make sure that very young children do not dart out from behind parked cars. This goes for the older kids as well.

By staying on the sidewalks and crossing the streets at the crosswalks the chances of being hit by any kind of vehicle will be slim. Also, never go into alleyways. Alleys are very dangerous and should never be used.

Parents need to make sure that their kids understand that any candy they receive while out trick or treating needs to be brought home before they eat it. When they get home then the candy can be examined and tossed out if the wrappers are torn or suspicious looking.

Halloween should be a fun time for everyone. By following these Halloween safety tips everyone will have a happy Halloween.


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