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Tips for Great Halloween Photographs

Published by Justin Ewert

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Whether you’re an adult or a child, picture opportunities on Halloween run aplenty so be sure to have your camera handy so you can preserve those moments for years to come. This article will give you ten tips on how to have spooktacular pictures.

Tips for Great Halloween Photographs #1: Don’t wait until the last minute on Halloween to take pictures

If you are taking pictures of children, don’t wait until the last minute to take Halloween pictures. If you want to take Halloween pictures of them right when it’s time to out trick or treating, you’re going to get some very whiny and unhappy children on your hands. Taking pictures an hour before your set to go out could be a good compromise with your children. If you have to have those nighttime shots, consider taking your Halloween pictures the night before.

Tips for Great Halloween Photographs #2: Lighting

Lighting isn’t always easy on Halloween. Many cameras don’t take nighttime pictures that well, leaving you with not so great or ruined pictures. Daytime shots work fine but if you want to capture the spooky magic of Halloween by having nighttime shots what do you do? Photojojo.com suggests that you should take your photos at dusk because you’ll still be able to capture the glow of your pumpkins and other decorations. If you just have to have those nighttime shots, Photojojo.com says to use a high ISO setting of 400 or more on your camera with no flash. With this setting, you’ll need to be as still as possible or use a tripod. Photojojo.com also says that if you do use your flash, be careful that it doesn’t overpower what you are taking a picture of. Halloween is dark and spooky so it’s ok if the pictures turn out that way.

Tips for Great Halloween Photographs #3: Setting

There are many great settings for your Halloween photographs. If you’ve decorated the outside of our home, there is an instant photo opportunity right there. If you weren’t able to decorate your own home, ask a neighbor or family member with a festively decorated house if you can take pictures. Many storefronts decorate for Halloween and you could snap a few quick shots there. Museums and zoos often hold Halloween events, which makes more fun settings for Halloween photographs.

Tips for Great Halloween Photographs #4: Props

Props are marvelous in Halloween Photographs. You could set whatever scene you want. Jack-o-lanterns are quite popular props in pictures. Other fun props are witches, bones, tombstones and monsters. You can arrange them however you like for your perfect Halloween scene.

Tips for Great Halloween Photographs #5: Candid Shots

Posed and carefully thought out shots look great but candid shots often out to be the best pictures you take. Candid shots really capture the glow of excitement on Halloween, all the thrills and chills. You could give a camera to a couple of people in your group or family members and take candid shots all throughout the evening to see who takes the best shots.

Tips for Great Halloween Photographs #6: Friends

If you’re only taking a picture of one or two people in your family, why not invite friends who are in their costumes over for some more pictures? More people equals more excitement on Halloween and the pictures are sure to be treasured by everyone in the photograph.

Tips for Great Halloween Photographs #7: People aren’t the only photogenic things on Halloween

Personally, Halloween is my favorite holiday. Every year, I count the days until its Halloween and I feel like a kid in the candy store when it actually is Halloween. I have my camera out and I take pictures of everything that is Halloween. My kids and friends in their costumes and all the wonderful Halloween memorabilia that is laying around. Go ahead, take a picture of your child’s first pumpkin that they carved by themselves. Who cares if one eye is bigger then the other, or if the nose is a little lopsided? It’ll mean the world to them and they’ll have that memory to cherish forever. Look around, open your eyes. There are tons of great Halloween shots that don’t involve people, just waiting to happen.

Tips for Great Halloween Photographs #8: Fill the frame

About.com says if you want a really good Halloween photograph, to fill the frame full of your subject. You don’t have to capture every detail in a photograph. Get up close and personal with who you’re taking a picture of. Don’t make the mistake of standing to far back. They also suggest that you take the picture at kid level if you’re photographing children. Don’t take it from an adult’s point of view, but from a kids view.

Tips for Great Halloween Photographs #9: Experiment

Let your creative juices flow when it comes to your Halloween photographs. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a number of poses, settings, lightings etc. If you have a Halloween picture idea that you think is silly, and then try it anyway. Make the impossible, possible.

Tips for Great Halloween Photographs #10: Don’t Stress

Halloween is supposed to be about having fun. Don’t stress if you don’t get the perfect shot. You can always try again later if you can’t seem to get the Halloween photograph you want. But try to remember…it’s Halloween. Nothing is supposed to be perfect on this ghoulish night.



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