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Tips for Telling Halloween Stories

Published by Jewell Kalafatis

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Halloween stories must be told late at night. The later they are told,the better the stories will be. Midnight would be an ideal time to tell Halloween stories. It would be even better to tell them outside at a campsite, under the moonlight. It would be a good idea for the storyteller to dress like a madman or monster.

The storyteller should always make eye contact with everyone he or she is telling the story to. The story should involve at least one ghost or lunatic murderer. The storyteller should lower and raise their voice when telling the story. This will make it more interesting and scary. The main goal of the storyteller is to keep evreyone’s attention.

Stories about real haunts are scarier than made up stories. The storyteller should tell the listeners when the stories are actually true. It will make them feel more scared knowing they are true. Storytellers should put their own spin on these tales. Most of them probably have been heard in a different way. Something extra should be added to each tale to make them stand out from other tales.

Halloween stories should contain a lot of blood and murder. The storyteller should describe all the murders and torture in detail. They should be described as being bloody. Ghost stories should be described in the same way. They should seem to be legitimate hauntings. These stories should take place in near the city or town, where these stories are being told.

It would be a good idea to have props. They should tie in with the stories that are being told. That should be things like fake knives,guns and limbs. It also would be fun to have a friend jump out and scare the listeners.

Halloween stories shouldn’t be too long. It will cause the listeners to lose interest. The storyteller should get straight to the meat of the story. The Halloween stories should always have a bad ending. Someone should always lose their life in a good Halloween tale.



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