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Top 10 Halloween Movies that Will Scare You Senseless

Published by Sachiko Shike

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Horror Films that Make You Sit at the Edge of Your Seat

I am obsessed with Halloween and scary movies. For me I like the movies that really scare you, not the blood and gore slasher films that are popular today but the horror films that make your heart race,and make you sit at the edge of your seat . Here are my ten most scariest movie picks for Halloween and why

  1. Vacancy(2016) with Luke Wilson & Kate Beckinsale, having your car break down forced to stay in a hotel, that is deserted, finding a videotape of a murder and realizing that the murders happened in the exact room you are in, finding the hidden video camera, and the knocks on the door. What was scariest for me about this movie was that it could really happen.
  2. The Exorcist(1973) with Linda Blair as Regan, a young girl possessed by the devil, the scenes, the crucifix scene, the head spinning, the pea soup vomit, help me scratched on her stomach, speaking in tongues, and her appearance. I have only watched this movie all the way through once and it scared me so bad I haven’t watched it again since.
  3. I am Legend(2016) with Will Smith. I know this isn’t really a horror film, but there were scenes in this movie, that freaked me out. The mutant dogs chasing after Neville played by Smith, who is injured and crawling to his car, while the darkness is coming and his beloved German Shepherd who jumps in to protect him and gets bitten. The scene where Neville is in a warehouse tracking down his dog who chased a deer, and finds the dead deer and alot of mutants close by sleeping, and finally when his dog changes and Neville has to kill him
  4. The Ring(2016) Watching that crazy deranged video tape , and then the phone rings and the eerie voice on the other end saying …seven days. Samara the little girl who is doing all these killings, what happened to her with her mother putting a plastic bag over her head, throwing her down a well and covering with a heavy stone cover. Samara coming through the tv set, her robotic movements, and the expressions of those she killed.
  5. 5. Poltergeist(1982) For me the scariest part of this whole movie was the grinning, gruesome looking clown doll that was under the bed and went after Robbie, and tried to kill him. Carol Ann staring at the tv screen and saying, “They’re here!”
  6. The Shining(1980) based on the novel by Steven King. Jack Nicholson plays Jack Torrance watching over a hotel for the winter, with his family.
    The scariest scenes when Danny, Jack’s son was riding a bike down a hall way and sees two twin girls, covered in blood and they say “play with us forever and forever”, and blood starts swooshing down the hallway. Nicholson with an axe, chopping down the door and saying “Here’s Johnny”.
  7. Phantoms(1998) based on the book by Dean Koontz. Alot of famous people in this movie Ben Affleck, Liev Schrieber , Rose McGowan. Hundreds of people are missing in this small town. The scenes that were the scariest were the screams through the town at night, finding a head in the oven, the black ooze, Liev Schrieber cut in half slithering on the floor, and that big bat thing. If you haven’t seen this movie you really need to.
  8. Dawn of the Dead(2016) Much better than the original. When the girl who had been bit by one of the zombies has the baby in the mall, and her stomach is moving, jerking, and knowing that they would have to kill it after and Zombies, Zombies, Zombies do I need to say anymore?
  9. Sixth Sense(2016) When Cole, says ” I see dead people”, when Cole gets locked in the closet at a birthday party but he’s not alone, the scene with the tent, where Cole is hiding and sees the young girl ghost who vomits, and the scene where Bruce Willis gets shot.
  10. Mirrors(2016) with Keifer Sutherland, the cracking mirrors for no reason, the handprints on the mirrors, seeing himself in the mirror catching fire and feeling it, the lady in the dressing room, and when the demons try to take possession of the nun.

Hoped you enjoyed my picks for the top 10, have a Happy Halloween!





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