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Top 10 Halloween Songs I Recommend

Published by Denis Ciaccio

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Of course one of the obvious choices is “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. This song has aged well and has a good bass beat that makes it too appealing not to get up of the dance floor and when heard it enlivens all who hear it to get up out of your “zombie state” and participate. Since his untimely passing this year, I expect it will really be played even more than ever to tribute him.

Speaking of Michael Jackson, he does the back up vocals of another song released around 1984. This one hit wonder song “Somebody’s Watching Me” by Rockwell still resonates pretty good, and the once dated 80’s sound now has revival appeal. Rumor has it that the artist known as Rockwell was really Motown Record producer Barry Gordon’s son. Not wanting to be cast under his father’s shadow, he took a chance and produced this song on his own.

A song that begs to be noticed and yet so few people do is the song titled “Your Lucky Day in Hell” by a group known as the Eels. It was the third and final single to come off their 1997 debut “Beautiful Freak”. The spooky etheral weird beat that gives the song an eerie and dreamy quality and if that doesnt get you the very odd and surreal lyrics grab you from the very beginning. “Mama gripped onto the milkman’s hand, and then she finally gave birth, Years go by and still I dont know,,, who shall inherit this earth”,,, nobody since that I’ve listened to has had such a strange and captivating perspective such as this group.

Another older and good song thats aged well “Spooky”. I like the older less known version by Dusty Springfield she has such a velvety old soul voice, such talent she was. A newer-old version of the same song “Love is Kinda Crazy With A Spooky Little Girl Like You”. Dusty’s version has a lounge-type quality to it, with the song referring to a “Spooky-little-boy-like-you”. While the other more well known version refers to a female and has a soft rock quality to it, I believe its by the Zombies.

Perhaps the corniest is a 1962 novelty song “Monster Mash” by Bobby “Boris” Pickett. It is so old school in its references and lyrics but all holidays dictate that while we dictate the new in an ever changing world, we must still embrace the old traditions that brought about all this silliness in the first place.

And I’d be certifiable if I didn’t mention Stevie Wonder”s song “Very Superstitious”. This song has aged so well and it just commands the listener’s ear whenever and wherever its played.

A good song that has a halloween type title “Zombie” by the Cranberries. This track is more of an antiwar statement song, but the singer does always strongly sing “Zombie, zombie ” throughout the song in chorus and Delores O’Riordan voice is quite unique and strongly Irish.

And, what the heck, why not mention “SuperFreak” by Rick James. Although his interpretation of a freak is truly more of the promiscious type, probably not a track for kid’s halloween party, but it rocks the house for an adult party any day!

A really great timeless one, “I’m The Boogieman” by KC and The Sunshine Band. Truly still soo smooth when you hear it. I caught KC on youtube performance doing a reunion performance and he and his band still have “the brass” to really still pull this song off. (Pun intended because of all the horns his band features) ha ha.

A song that I’ve saved for the very last because it packs the most punch for the true connoisseurs. “I Put A Spell On You” by Nina Simone. What a powerful voice and the song is so potent, like a fine witch’s brew, it puts a spell on you the listener.

Well, my TV voodoo children, that is my perfect Top Halloween Song List. Do Enjoy!



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