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Top 10 Haunted Hospitals for Halloween

Published by Nena Shankin

haunted places in America, The Waverly Hills Sanitarium was constructed in the early 1900’s and was originally used as a hospital to house tuberculosis patients. After medical advances were made in combating TB, it was closed down. Reopening later as a geriatric hospital, it closed down again due to allegations of patient abuse. Voices and apparitions are frequently reported. Whole night stays are available, as are two hour tours. Reservations are required.

The Old Toole Hospital in Tooele, Utah

Originally used as a poor house, The Old Toole Hospital is home of many claimed apparitions, ghostly sightings, and orbs. Many of the ghosts have names and stories, such as Ned, Peter, Richard, James, and Jessica – a friendly little girl said to inhabit this hospital’s walls. Tours are available and encouraged.

The Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum of Weston, West Virginia

Constructed in 1864 as an institution for patients who suffered serious delusions, this hospital is said to be extremely haunted. Cruel forms of treatment were inflicted upon patients before certain medical advances were made in the treatment of the mentally ill, and screams of pain and anguish are said to still echo this infamous hospital’s walls. Sightings of apparitions have also been reported. Overnight stays and tours are available.

Genesee County Home

This hospital opened in 1827 as a poorhouse, aiding those with financial issues and the criminally insane. An asylum wing was added on later. Thousands of people died within the Genesee County Home, many of whom were poor or had no family and are thusly buried on the property. Ghost tours were previously available, but the hospital is currently closed and up for sale again.

Northampton State Hospital in Northampton, Massachusetts

Constructed in 1800s, this hospital has been featured on the show The Scariest Places on Earth. Again because of the era in which it was constructed, there are many stories of cruel treatment practices. A great deal of suicides have occurred at this hospital, which might account for the feeling of overwhelming anger and outrage that many people feel upon entering the hospital. Orbs have been sighted, as well as the sounds of people whispering. Tours are available.

Byberry Mental Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This hospital is said to be full of spirits who are unwilling to cross over to the other side, filled with anger over their treatment at the facility while they were alive. The institution is filled with catacombs and underground tunnels which are said to be thoroughly haunted. The facility was permanently closed in 1990. Tours available.

Athens Mental Health Center in Athens, Ohio

Athens Mental Health Center is known for one ghost in particular named Margaret Schilling. Said to have wandered away in the night, her decomposed body was found many weeks later up on the top floor of the hospital in an abandoned sick ward. When her body was removed, a perfect outline became apparent, so detailed that her hairstyle can clearly been seen imprinted into the floor. The imprint of her dead body still remains stained into the ground, even after dozens of cleanings. Naturally, she is said to wander the halls at night. Unfortunately, tours are not available, unless you want to get yourself admitted.

Bay Pines Hospital in Bay Pines, Virginia

This hospital is said to be inhabited by ghostly patients still wearing the same thing they wore in life. Apparitions of men in gray jumpsuits have been said to appear frequently, the old uniform of ex-patients. Maintenance workers have experienced a great deal of ghostly action, as they are often admitted into older parts of the hospital’s construction that regular patients are not admitted into. Tours are currently not available for this facility.

Old Adams Hospital in Adams, Oregon

There are hundreds of reports of patients walking the halls of this old hospital, peering out to the world from the now boarded up windows. People have even reported hearing screams from within the hospital walls. It has been forgotten since the new hospital was constructed several years ago, but the ghosts within the facility seem determined to not be pushed aside.

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