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Top 10 Kid Halloween Party Themes

Published by Roseanne Peveto

vampires for the ages between 8 and 15. Buy a cardboard coffin to really give that creepy feeling of Halloween and vampires! Make or buy bats to hang from the ceiling to add to this great theme! Have fake blood around the party to really give that great Halloween feel! For a prize? Why not give out vampire teeth? This party theme will be a big hit with the kids!

Haunted houses are extremely popular around this time of year correct? Why not incorporate that into a party theme for children around the ages of 8 and 15? The scarier the party and props, should be determined on the age range of the guest and the children who will be attending this great event! Buy or rent a fog machine to add to this great theme as well, along with cobwebs and fake spiders to really tie everything together. What is a haunted house without the creepy sounds that come along with it? Purchase a CD of groans and screams too scare the guests!

Another great theme for this year? Why not Corpse Bride! This great movie is a great new classic by Tim Burton, and would be so much fun as a theme for the kids around the ages of 8 and 16. This theme should be blue, gray, black and etc. Get old lace to hang from the curtains, perhaps old wedding bands and grave stones to tie everything together for this great theme! It isn’t what you would classify as scary, but it is a great theme for the kids who enjoy a good Tim Burton flick!

For our more mature guests between the ages of 13 and 17, why not have a theme based on an old hospital? Have fake surgery tools and fake blood. Have the food look like body parts to defiantly tie everything together for this great theme. Have the adults who are attending dress as the nurses and doctors to pull everything together as well! Perhaps have the guest to sign in, and sign their “death certificate.” Make them think they’re not leaving this party alive!

Another great theme for our mature guests would be an elegant theme for ages between 14 and 17. Buy some fake roses, maybe some fake blood to tie everything together. Have them dress up in an elegant costume such as Dracula or something Victorian to have this theme really come to life! Be sure the invitations looks extremely professional so that the theme ties well with everything!

Last but not least, have a bloody theme for the most mature guests! Sweeney Todd should bet he main focus for ages between 15 and 17. Have fake razors around the tables, and serve “meat pies” for this creepy party! Nothing else will make the guest remember this night then have them thinking their eating real human flesh!

Give your child something to remember and to look forward too each year with their friends! Make this their night to shine! Have a Happy Halloween!





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