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Top 10 Songs for Halloween Background Music

Published by Ardella Slovacek

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Halloween, the celebration of everything dark and macabre is just around the corner. It is never too early to plan your gathering of the undead, take it from me, I look forward to it for the other 364 days. Once the coffins, tombstones, and skulls are in place, the black candles ready to be lit, and the witches brew ordered, it is time to set the mood. Your music selections should set the tone for the night, the darker, the better. These are 10 of my suggestions. Keep in mind that most of the songs listed are for mature audiences. Children should never be subjected to the things that I listen to.

  1. Go for classic fun with the Adams Family and the Munsters theme songs. They are both good for a giggle at least.
  2. H.I.M., Join Me in Death. Romanticizing the vampire, and I love it. Ville Valo, front man for the band, has a very dark and sensual vocal style. Both Dark Light and Venus Doom have somewhat morbid tones.
  3. The uncensored version of ICP’s Another Love Song, The theme of this song is cut, choke, and chop. What more could you ask for? If you can find it, Vampire Bats is another great pick, if a little on the twisted side.
  4. Rob Zombie, Living Dead Girl. No Coven can be complete without a little Zombie, so saith The Iguana, so it shall be. Since 1992, Rob Zombie has been a master of the dark and disturbed. You should consider adding a big screen with video’s and clips to get the full effect.
  5. Inkubus Sukkubus, Heartbeat of the Earth andVampyre Erotica. A serious amount of chanting and moaning. Sexy Wytches that rock. You should also check out the WitchQueen album by this British pagan, hard Gothic rock group for more inspiration.
  6. Epica, Cry for the Moon. Hard and heavy goth screaming and moaning. This symphonic metal band has a funereal, chamber music effect.
  7. Godsmack, Vampires. Theme song for blood lust, anyone? The spoken portion of the ninth track on Awakewas created to sound like a morbid documentary.
  8. Korn. Forsaken. Think Lestat in Queen of the Damned. Nothing else needs to be said. The video would also make a great addition to the party.
  9. Cry Little Sister, The 1987 Lost Boys theme song, I like the classic version better. Lost in the Shadows is another good choice. Come to think of it, the whole soundtrack can be used.
  10. Anything by Type O Negative. This goth band from Brooklyn embodies everything that is Halloween. At the very least you should include Bloody Kisses, Black No. 1, Wolf Moon, and Are You Afraid.




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