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Top 10 Websites for Free Halloween Music for Your IPod

Published by Shannon Majocka

Countess Bloods Halloween Horror
Has over 150 files of free Halloween music such as Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy Song where the kids are jumping rope and singing “Freddy’s coming for you.” Has scary music from movies such as The Omen, Harry Potter and even has Twilight’s Bella’s Lullaby here. Not only can you find free Halloween music on this website but free Halloween graphics, a kid’s section, kiddie and adult drink recipes for Halloween, and 4 hilarious answering machine messages by Igor and a vampire.

2. All About Halloween
This website has over 100 free Halloween songs mostly from movies and television. Jaws, and Disney’s Haunted Mansion to name a few. You will find instrumental versions of Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Monster Mash. They also have some great Halloween recipes . A fantastic looking website with animated flickering candles.

3. Dave’s World
You are greeted by ” I see dead people” from The Sixth Sense movie. Over 500 free Halloween songs here, take your time looking through this website. Has individual pages for sounds from the Saw movie, and The Shining. This website has over 152 Halloween Theme Music from popular shows such as the Addams Family and more. You can listen to the songs on your media player first and if you want to download it just right click and save to your computer.

4. AOL Radio
Free streaming Halloween music from AOL radio, you will have to under Theme Music and Halloween. Once you download their widget you will be able to listen to Halloween Music while surfing on the internet. A great selection of popular tunes.

5.I Love Wavs
This website has over 100 Halloween songs from popular Halloween movies and tv shows. This website features sounds and music from Charlie Brown’s The Great Pumpkin and The Halloween Hoedown from the popular tv show Whose Line Is It Anyways, and songs from the Halloween episodes of The Simpsons. Kid friendly website

6. Horror of The Night
A free Halloween animated screensaver for your computer of a haunted house with creepy petrifying music. You see bats flying around,a witch, this is the best screensaver I found online for Halloween with music.

7. Halloween Wishes
You will have to visit one sponsor here to view the website and once you do that you can view alot of wonderful Halloween songs such as dracula laughing with background music and bubbling cauldrons are my faves. You can also find coloring pages, clipaart, cursors, Halloween ecards, fonts and games. Very kid friendly.

8. EZ Tracks Top 40
100% Legal Downloads for free. Has a list of the Top 40 Best Halloween Songs by the Original Artists. You have to register for free , and then you can listen, download the songs for free, or buy a ringtone for your cell phone. At time of publishing this “Thriller” by Michael Jackson was #1.

9. Haunted Illinois
A very interesting website. Has free Halloween songs about 46 of them, mostly from movies, has a section for Halloween events in Illinois, and another for Real Haunted Places such as Salem, Massachussetts.

10 Live 365 Radio
Has over 16 radiostations here that plays Halloween music for free, 24 hours a day. Must download widget to listen. My favorite is Musique Macabre.

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