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Top 5 Healthy Halloween Treats

Published by Bradly Trimm

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Want to make Halloween fun for your kids and their friends but aren’t crazy about the sugary candies they’ll get while trick-or-treating? If you host a party (or simply want to hand out something better when you have visitors in costume), try a few of these- they definitely won’t miss the candy!

School Supplies

Halloween just happens to be two months (give or take) after school starts, so use the opportunity to hand out fun things like stickers and pencils! Check out places like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby in the next month or so to start putting out Halloween-themed items, and stock up for your little ghosts and goblins! It will be a fun change of pace for them, parents will thank you, and you’ll have many more successful parties to come!

Microwave Popcorn

Who doesn’t enjoy a good movie and a bowl of popcorn on a Friday night on the couch? Whether you’ve got teenagers dressing up as monsters who would eat a bowl of popcorn while watching the Blair Witch Project to princesses and fairies that love Kettle Corn while watching The Little Mermaid, either way you put it, it’s a winner! They have so many different kinds now, too- from the homestyle kind you used to love because you could smell when your mom was making it, to kettle corn, extra butter, cheese, and caramel corn- all from your microwave! If you want to be really creative, pop some of your own popcorn and make popcorn balls!

Temporary Tattoos

Now, this one might be a little sticky- literally- with some parents. Some just don’t want their children having markers and/or tattoos on their child’s skin, and I totally respect that, but if you do find enough parents that are okay with this, it can be a fun alternative for kids.

100 Calorie Packs

Okay, seriously? Who doesn’t love these?! You can get everything from striped shortbread cookies and Oreo cakes to multi-grain crackers and Doritos. For $2 a box (on sale), you can treat your kids and their friends to something a little different that they can eat right away, or take to school in their lunchbox. They are super tasty, and since they’re only 100 calories, they give you just enough to take that craving away without being unhealthy. Yum!


Growing up, many of my neighbors would hand out fruit as a healthy alternative to candy on Halloween night. They usually consisted of apples or oranges, but with an adult’s help and/or supervision, kids can just as easily enjoy these. Try your apple slices in caramel or peanut butter, and you may find it even easier to get those kids to eat their fruits and veggies!

With this input, I hope you may find yourself having a non-traditional Halloween this year- branch out, take a chance, and stay healthy in return.



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