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What is the Best Selling Halloween Candy

Published by Dagmar Towns

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The Best Selling Halloween Candy is Not What You Think

The best selling halloween candy is not what you might think it is. If you guessed some kind of chocolate or candy bar as being the number one best selling Halloween candy you would be wrong. Believe it or not, the best selling Halloween candy is the beloved Candy Corn. Candy Corn has been around for years and years, and can be enjoyed all year round and not just for Halloween. It is a staple of Halloween, but now they can be found in Easter baskets and in Christmas stockings. Instead of the characteristic orange, yellow and brown, Easter Candy Corn is a pretty combination of pastels and the Christmas Candy Corn has the colors of red, green and white. Candy Corn was developed and introduced in the early 1900’s and has been a mainstay of the Halloween season ever since and remains the best selling halloween candy to this day.

The second best selling halloween candy is none other than the delicious Snickers Bar. Incidentally, the Snickers Bar is not only the second best selling halloween candy, it is also the best selling candy bar of all time. The Snickers Bar was introduced in 1930 by the Mars family of Mars Bar fame, who named the Snickers Bar after one of their favorite horses. Different countries and geographical locations have their own versions of the Snickers Bar such as the Snickers Hazelnut which is manufactured in Australia. Of course, what kid’s Halloween trick or treat bag doesn’t have the fun sized Snickers Bar in it. I don’t think I’ve ever emptied my daughter’s trick or treat bag without finding this second best selling Halloween candy in the bag. Whether it be the fun size or regular sized, Snickers Bar is a time tested favorite Halloween candy.

The third best selling halloween candy and probably one of my favorites of all time is the Reese’s Cup, the delicious combination of milk chocolate and peanut butter. The Reese’s Cup also is available year round and it makes it’s transformation to Easter Reese’s Cups by way of pastel foils and to Christmas Reese’s Cups by way of red and green foil wrappers. No matter what holiday Reese’s Cups targets, you can’t mistake the blissful taste of the delectable milk chocolate and creamy peanut butter cups. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t enjoy Reese’s Cups so it certainly no surprise to me that it’s the third best selling halloween candy.

The fourth best selling Halloween candy is the Kit Kat. Again, I don’t think that a Halloween went by where I didn’t find a Kit Kat bar in my daughter’s Halloween trick or treat bag. Kit Kat also has their miniature version that is so commonplace during the Halloween season.

The fifth best selling halloween candy is the Milky Way Bar. This creamy chocolate bar also comes in the fun size or miniatures for halloween, and last but not least comes the old standard, M&M’s. M&M’s plain and peanut are also a favorite halloween candy and I think a favorite with parents. These no mess “melt in your mouth, not in your hand” morsels are a nice treat to enjoy at the end of a long trick or treat excursion. This list of the best selling Halloween candy may not be your favorite list of best selling Halloween candy, but these are time tested favorites and will grace the bags of our little trick or treaters for many years to come.




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