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What to Do with that Halloween Candy You Don’t Want?

Published by Jannette Piedigrossi

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Play a Game with Unwanted Sweet Treats

Halloween is just over a month away now. Everyone knows that as kids you received candies you loved when you were trick or treating. You also know for a fact you received a lot you hated. Those were the pieces of candy that you had sitting in the bottom of your trick-or-treating bag for months after Halloween, long after all the others had been eaten. If you were lucky you might have had a sibling or a fried that liked the candy you didn’t and would trade you candy they didn’t like and you did. For many though, they weren’t that luck. Kids these days have that some situation to deal with. Here is an idea of what to do with those pieces of candy, play a game.

The game itself is rather simple. It is based on the concept of the game of horseshoes, or maybe more accurately bocce ball. Have a group of your friends get together and bring all their candy they don’t want with them. Put all this candy in a big bag mixed together. You will then put a stake in the ground. Next use string, cable, or rope to make two circles around the stake. Have the closest one with a diameter of about 5 feet, and the second with a diameter of ten feet. To start the game put about one third of the candy on the playing area outside the two circles.

On your turn, reach into the bag of candy without looking. You will then toss that piece of candy towards the stake. If you land your piece of candy within the inner circle you are then entitled to take any two pieces of candy from the playing area. One could be the one you throught but it doesn’t have to be, and when picking up candy it doesn’t matter if they are within the circles or outside of them. If you land your candy in the second circle, you can pick up one piece of candy of your choosing.

The distance you stand from the stake is up to agreement by the players that are playing in the game. You also should agree what to do with the remaining pieces of candy on the playing surface after the bag is empty. You can either pick them up and continue the game with those pieces, or you can let each player in turn order take one piece of candy until all the candy is gone. This is just a way to have a little fun with your unwanted Halloween candy as you hope to pick up some candy others don’t like but you do. Sometimes it’s fun just to see the types of candy people brought with them that they didn’t want to eat. Yeah, our parents always told us not to play with your food, but sometimes you just have to break those rules.



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