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Where to Scare Up Some Halloween Fun in Colorado

Published by Lashawna Montroy

The Fritzler Corn MAiZE is a great place to go for some Halloween fun. It is located on Highway 85, seven miles south of Greeley. This maze has been operating each fall since 2016, and each year their maze is a different pattern. The patterns form pictures when seen from above (an aerial view can be seen on their website), and this year’s design is a likeness of Chris Ledoux. This corn maze has two phases, and at night they have a ‘haunted’ version called Scream Acres.

Anderson Farms in Eerie, Colorado offers a good corn maze in addition to a pumpkin patch and animal farm. Many other activities are also provided. This year’s maze is “Pirates of the Cornibbean”. If you want something a little scarier for Halloween, try the Terror in the Corn haunted attraction.

A cemetery or haunted tour can be fun for Halloween as well. People can take a haunted history tour in Morrison; tours are available each Saturday. The Grandview Cemetery in Fort Collins is historical and open to the public until dusk. Tours are available for the Golden Cemetery by request – famous locals have been laid to rest here.

If you’re up for a drive to Redstone, Colorado try taking a tour of the Redstone Castle. The large home was completed in 1902 and was originally owned by John Cleveland Osgood. Some say a passageway that connects servants’ quarters to the nursery is a gathering place for spirits. Osgood’s cigar smoke has been smelled here too.

For a good haunted house attraction this Halloween, try 13th Door in Denver. The backstory of this haunted house is that you are in the Barrington Hotel. In 1912 the owners were having a party in the hotel’s penthouse. A fire broke out, and everyone died in the fire except a waiter. The waiter knows the secret to escaping. 13th Door also has other haunted houses: The 25th Hour, Alien Terror, and CarnEvil.

There are many other haunted attractions in the Denver, Colorado area for you to visit this Halloween. Scared.com is a good place to look if you want to find other places – it’s a neat directory of attractions throughout the area.


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