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Where to Watch Halloween Movies: Washington D.C

Published by Eufemia Bartos

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Halloween movie events in Washington D.C. are a fun way to celebrate the holiday. Below are some of the Halloween movie theaters hosting special screenings of ghoulish films.

At the AFI Silver Theatre in Silver Spring, MD (just outside of D.C.) offers a fairly large selection of films for Halloween. “Halloween on Screen” 2016 will feature it’s most notable performance, a special screening of the movie “Nosferatu, A Symphony Of Horror” (1922) with the Washington, DC, Silent Orchestra accompanying the film with their original score on Friday, October 30th at 7:00 pm and 9:30 pm. Tickets: $20 General Admission. Other movies that will show include: “Two Thousand Maniacs!” with a special guest – the writer and director Herschell Gordon Lewis on October 21st 9:00 pm. Tickets $12 General Admission. “An American Werewolf In London” October 20th 9:30 pm; October 21st 7:00 pm; October 23rd 9:45 pm; October 24th 12:00 midnight; October 27th 9:30 pm and October 29th 9:30 pm. Tickets $10. “Werewolf Of London” October 25th 9:30 pm and October 26th 7:00 pm. Tickets $10. “The Wolfman” October 25th 8:00 pm and October 26th 8:45 pm. “Shaun Of The Dead” October 24th 10:00 pm and October 31st 9:45 pm. “The Howling” October 31st 12:00 midnight; November 1st 9:30 pm; November 3rd 8:45 pm. “Wolfen” November 2nd 9:20 pm; November 4th 9:20 pm. “Every Other Day Is Halloween” with special guest, director Curtis Prather and Count Gore De Vol. Tickets $5 on Monday, November 2nd 7:00 pm.

The American City Diner is a ’50’s type diner that is one of the theaters playing a broad selection of movies every night at 8:30 pm. The week of Halloween the American City Diner will be showing “Anatomy of a Murder” and “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?” Halloween night they will have a special screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho.” Visit the diner’s website for their complete movie schedule and menu, www.americancitydiner.com. 5532 Connecticut Avenue Northwest, Washington D.C.

Visit the Arlington Cinema ‘N’ Drafthouse and Count Gore who is the host of the Spooky Movie Film Festival: All Hallows Scream on Friday, October 31st starting at 10 pm. They are showing 4 short movies, with the feature movie being “Brain Dead,” which will be shown at 12:30 am. There is also a costume contest, and a concert by Karlos Borloff and the Monsterminators. Tickets are $10. Visit www.arlingtondrafthouse.com. 2903 Columbia Pike, Arlington VA, not far from The Pentagon.

Check out the E Street Cinema, an indie-film and art-house theater, for the award-winning feature film by Giuseppe Tornatore’s “La Sconoscuita (The Unknown Woman)” on Friday, October 24th. Also showing on Halloween night is “Peur(s) du Noir (Fear(s) of the Dark).” Prices and times can be viewed at www.landmarktheatres.com/market/WashingtonDC/EStreetCinema.htm. 55 11th St. NW, Washington, DC 20164.

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