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10 Best Secret Places to Hide Christmas Presents: Places the Kids Won’t Think to Snoop for Gifts this Holiday Season

Published by Karina Minning

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The surprise and delight of opening Christmas presents is something to look forward to, which is why it’s really disappointing when children snoop around and find their presents beforehand. However, with a little ingenuity, presents can be safely hidden until it is time to put them under the Christmas tree.

Small Gifts are Perfectly Hidden in Socks

For smaller presents, Mom or Dad’s underwear or sock drawer can make a grand hiding place. If the gifts are really tiny, like an MP3 player, a gift card or jewelry, place the item right inside a sock.

Under the Sink

For families with young children who are old enough to not be playing hide and seek in the cabinets, and old enough not to be looking under the sink for cleaning supplies for fear of chores (namely teenagers), the underside of a bathroom or kitchen sink makes a nice place to hide presents. In case of drips, it’s a good idea to wrap gifts in plastic. If you also keep laundry supplies under the sink, place smaller gifts in empty detergent and fabric softener boxes – they will never think to look there!

The Laundry Room is an Awesome Hiding Spot

For parents who don’t do their shopping until a couple of days before Christmas, but still need a good hiding spot, the inside of the dryer or washing machine is an excellent hiding spot, unless you have older children that do their own laundry. Just make sure that all adults in the house are aware of the gifts in the appliances.

Hiding Spots Outside the House

Children often tend to check only indoors, and will not think to look in the garage, pool house or storage sheds. A cluttered garage or an overstuffed storage shed is a great place to hide Christmas presents, with a nondescript moving blanket or tarp thrown over them as a disguise. Depending upon the weather, be sure to keep wrapped gifts up off damp floors and away from any moisture.


In the Master Bathroom

Parents’ bathrooms are often off-limits, so a bathtub (dry, of course) and under the vanity are good hiding places. Presents may be removed and placed on the floor when it’s time for a shower, since it’s a safe bet that children won’t come barging in uninvited. They may be replaced once the shower or bath floor is dry.

In Plain Sight

Use creative wrappings such as plain brown paper or fabric remnants (also very eco friendly), and wrap regularly shaped presents (such as books, CDs and DVDs). These become fairly unobtrusive and can be used as home decor accents… For example, stack them as a resting place for items like lamps or place gifts among existing books on a shelf. Smaller items can go on the table with candles placed on top or used to create a festive fireplace mantel decor arrangement.

In the Dirty Clothing Hamper

One of the all time best places to hide a Christmas gift is in the bottom of the dirty clothing hamper. Most children would never think to look there and a laundry hamper can be a roomy choice for some of the larger gifts that need to be tucked away.

Have Gifts, Will Travel

Minivans and trucks often have a space for extra cargo which is not very easily accessible, especially to young children. These areas make terrific and safe hiding places for Christmas gifts. Just remember that if this area is used for groceries, kids’ hockey gear, etc. that the gifts are tucked away from unintentional prying eyes.

In the Kid’s Rooms

Plenty of children throw stuff under their bed and in their messy closets, and simply forget about it. In many cases, the best place to hide gifts is right in the child’s bedroom, where they would never think of looking (or cleaning).

At the Neighbor’s House

If all else fails, it’s at least safe to assume that children won’t be raiding the neighbor’s house looking for hidden presents. Other away from home spots might be the workplace (assuming it is secure) or at grandma’s house.

The satisfaction of a surprise Christmas present is something to cherish, but such a thing is only possible if the present is indeed a surprise. Hiding Christmas presents no longer has to be a brain bender; with ten ingenious ideas to choose from, there’s sure to be at least one perfect solution for anyone.

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