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10 Free Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns

Published by Kamilah Kudrle

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Halloween is a great time to have fun with crafts including cross stitching. Here are my favorite 10 patterns and their links so you can enjoy them as well.

Halloween Bookmark

This one is fun for the kids since they can create a Halloween bookmark to use. I found this pattern at bevscountrycottage.com. They do not charge for the pattern, but you can not post it on anything website, only link to it. They do ask for donations to keep the site running, but the pattern itself is free. It is made to look as a kid has done this. It has four jack o lanterns, all with a different face, going down the center of it. Then they have the words boo, trick, treat in various places and a little off, which I think makes it look cute. There are a couple areas they have added stitches to make it look like there are bats flying around as well.

The castle and the witch

This is a free download cross stitch pattern. It has a castle with several windows, a spider, fall leave, jack o lantern bucket, cauldron, bat, and a witch flying on a broom in front of the moon. It is busy, but looks cute and is fun to do. You can find this download at cross-stitchers-club.com.

Ghost and witch

This one is also a free download from cross-stitchers-club.com. It’s border alternates orange and green. There is a cat in the upper left corner, and a pumpkin in the right corner. In the lower right corner there is a ghost with a spider in the left corner and in between them is witches hate. This one is cute as well and has the popular Halloween images.


This one is a simple pattern with a row of four pumpkins and a ghost popped up behind them. It says Boo and has a spider stringing down towards the pumpkins. You can find this cross stitch pattern at crossstitch.about.com.

RIP Ghost

This one has a blue sky, with two jack o lanterns in front of a RIP stone with a ghost behind the stone. This is great for Halloween. You can find this pattern at crossstitch.about.com.

Happy Halloween

This one gives you the pattern and you decide the colors you want to use. You can find this pattern at crossstitch.about.com. You can then place this on your door or hang it in your window.

My next four patterns can be found online at hobbyloco.com.

Ghost Boo

This is a fairly basic cross stitch with a ghost and Boo above the ghost. This shows both the ghost and writing in blue, but you can change the colors how you want too. The background is left blank, but you could put up a black background, orange BOO, and a white ghost.

Tiny Pumpkin

This is just a simple little jack o lantern. You can make several of these and hang the in your window and all over your house.

Tiny Bat

Again this is a simple little pattern of a little bat. Make several of these to have fun decorating your house, windows and doors.


Complete the other simple patterns with a spider. Make several of these one and add it in with your other decorations to make it complete.

Remember you can either follow the color suggestions on the ones with color suggestions, or change the colors to something you want. Just make sure you have enough of the other color(s). Have a fun and safe Halloween.



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