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10 Halloween Party Games for Kids

Published by Loria Nicka

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If your children are having a Halloween party this year, then you will want to make sure you have a nice list of games ready to play. Other wise the kids will end up board and probably into trouble. A fun party is a well planned party. When you play games you should have some presents for the winners. Since this is a Halloween party, you will want to make sure you have Halloween themed presents. Depending on the age of the children, you may want to have runner up presents for the kids who don’t win, so everyone goes home with something.

  1. Orange Pumpkin Pop


Orange Balloons

Black Balloons

Scarves or rope

Radio with Spooky Music

First you will need to divide the group into two groups. One will be the black team, the other the orange team. One side of the room should have orange balloons blown up and scattered across the floor. The other side of the room should have black balloons blown up and scattered across the floor.

Have the children pick a partner from their color team. With the partners standing back to back, tie their legs and arms together. Do this with each set of players.

Start the music and let it play for a certain amount of time (depending on how many balloons you blew up) and the children have to try and pop their color balloons. Which ever team pops the most, wins prizes.

  1. Pumpkin Hunt


Small pumpkins (a lot of them)

Pumpkin baskets (one per kid)

Before the children arrive, you need to hide all the pumpkins throughout the house. If there are areas you don’t want children in, do not hide pumpkins in there. When the children are ready, hand each child a basket and send them on a hunt. The child who has the most pumpkins in their basket wins a prize.

I find it fun to purchase candy pumpkins. The kind that comes wrapped in a candy wrapper. I also purchase larger white pumpkin baskets, and before the hunt, let the children decorate their own baskets. Their names get placed on it, and they keep the basket and can use it for any prizes they may receive.

  1. Pumpkin Painting


Medium Pumpkins (1 per kid)







Paint Brushes

Paper towel

Adult Judges

Line a large table or an area of the floor with the newspaper to help prevent messes. Lay out all of the supplies in the middle of the table. It’s a good idea to place the paint and glitter in small serving dishes. Also have a few different dishes per color so there is no fighting.

Have the children place their names on the bottom of the pumpkins. Make sure it’s the bottom. The judges can not be in the room during this time.

Let the children decorate their pumpkins. Let them know, their pumpkins will be judged for a prize.

Once done, line the pumpkins up in a row. Have the judges come in and pick 3 winners. (More or less depending on how many children) First place gets the best prize, second place gets a smaller one and third gets the smallest. The children can take their pumpkins home when they leave. Its idea to have this as the first game, so the pumpkins can have time to dry.

  1. Money Toss


2 Pumpkins both different sizes

Lots of change

Blind fold


Before the children arrive, carve the pumpkin and clean out. You will want to make the top hole bigger then normal. Make sure you clean it out well. With your marker, write “double” on the smaller pumpkin.

Blind fold one child at a time, and hand them some change. Make sure you hand each kid the same amount of change. Once blind folded, spin them around once or twice. They need to toss the change into the pumpkin one by one. Once they are done, count their change and write their total down on a piece of paper. If they got some into the smaller pumpkin, then it’s double the amount. So if they got a dime into the small pumpkin it’s worth 20 cents.

Who ever has the most cash counted wins a prize.

  1. Hot Pumpkin



Spooky Music

This is another version of hot potatoes. Have the children sit in a large circle, press play on the music. As the music plays, they pass around the pumpkin. When the music stops, who ever has the pumpkin in their hand loses. Keep playing until one person is left. That person gets a prize.

  1. How many


Large Clear plastic pumpkin

Orange and Black Jelly Beans

Witches Pot


Small pieces of paper

On a table set up your pumpkin and fill it with the jelly beans. While filling the pot, count the jelly beans, so you know how many are in there. Lay out the paper and pencils near the witch’s pot.

Throughout the day, have the children go over to the pumpkin, and try and guess how many jelly beans are in there. Tell them to write their name and the guess on a piece of paper. When they are done, place the paper into the witch’s pot. Who ever guessed the closest wins a prize. I always think its fun to hide a surprise in the middle of the jelly beans, and have a small surprise sitting on top of the jelly beans. The winner takes home the filled pumpkin for their prize.

  1. Pumpkin Steam


Large pumpkin cut out

Paper stems (one per kid)

Blind Fold

Double sided tape


This is similar to pin the tale on the donkey. Have the child each grab a stem and write their name on it. On the other side, place double sided tape.

One child at a time gets blind folded, spun around three times, and they have to try and pin the stem on the pumpkin. Who ever gets their stem closest to where is should be wins the prize.

  1. Pumpkin Weight


Large Pumpkin


Have the children try and guess how much the pumpkin weighs. Who ever guesses the closest wins a prize.

  1. Corn Toss

Candy Corn



Place a piece of tape of the floor so the children know where they should be standing. Place the bucket a few feet away from the tape.

Give each child the same amount of candy corn. Have them take turns standing on the line, and trying to throw the candy corn into the bucket. Who ever gets the most in, wins a prize.

  1. Guess Who


Old clothes

Old costumes

Dress up Clothes


Pieces of paper


On each piece of paper, write down something the children can dress up as. Use characters or people that they know.

Lay all the clothes in a pile, grab a piece of paper, set the timer, and yell out the character name. The children then need to race getting dressed. Who ever looks like the character you yelled out, wins a prize. It’s good to have a lot of prizes for this, as the children will want to play this game a lot.



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