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10 Halloween Songs for You!

Published by Lanny Hadad

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Songs around the holidays always pump us up for festivities. There are many songs that capture the aura and sentiment of Halloween. Like “Jingle bell Rock” for Christmas time, these are songs that put the bumps in Goosebumps. The top fierce song features about those crazy monster creatures. This is the ultimate ten songs you should have for Halloween

  1. Thriller by Michael Jackson, 1982
    I don’t think an explanation is needed, other than this video freaking rocks. R.I.P MJ. I mean this is one of the coolest videos and songs out there.
  2. “Monster Mash” By Bobby Pickett and the Crypt Kickers. 1962.
    Ah the old crooner classic, it the one you always shut off halfway because you realize that guys voice is actually starting to annoy you. I really didn’t want to put this up hear but I felt it was a must have.

3.”I Put a spell on You” By the Animals, 1965. I went with this classic hit by the animals even though its been redone more than Joan River’s face. This song is performed by Bette Midler in the Halloween comedy movie known ” Hocus Pocus”.

  1. “Time Warp” From the Rocky Horror Picture Show Movie ,1975. “It’s just a jump to yout left……” . Where else is it acceptable to sing songs aloud that spurred from the mouths of transvestites, monsters, and sexual Deviants? Oh yea, I forgot- Rent. Just kidding!(Rent is a good play I mean no harm) A Shock Rock Classic from a classic cult film.
  2. “Purple People Eater” By Sheb Wooley, 1958. This juke box classic about a one eyed one horn flying purple people eater is sure to bring in sentiments of Halloween. A classic tale about a misunderstood purple monster with odd diet.
  3. “Don’t Fear the Reaper” By the Blue Oyster Cult, 1976. It’s about a reaper, that is scary enough right? Nope, its also an extremely over played song which is quite scary on its own.
  4. “The Devil went down to Georgia”, By Charlie Daniels Band, 1979. What could possibly be scarier than a devil going down to Georgia to take souls, told in a narrative song. Plus you just got to love all that Fiddling!

And the rest ….
8. “Running with the Devil” by Van Halen, 1978.

  1. “Devil with the Blue Dress On” By Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels,
  2. “Highway to Hell”, Kiss, 1979.



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