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10 Safety Tips for a Happy Halloween: How to Keep Everyone Safe This October 31st

Published by Arlyne Wicka

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Halloween is a fun time for families, with costumes, parties, yard haunts, pumpkins, jack o’lanterns, candy apples, tricks and treats. However, it can also be a demanding time for parents, and spell danger — particularly for children.

Halloween Costume Safety Tips

  • A Halloween costume should not restrict movement or vision. If using a face mask or hat, then ensure it does not obstruct visibility. Crossing the road, walking down dark streets and navigating obstacles can be a recipe for disaster if the wearer cannot see clearly. Costume and headwear needs to be comfortable and felxible enough to allow sufficient freedom of movement.
  • Be aware of the potential dangers that may lurk in a Halloween costume: trailing capes and robes, dangling laces and ties, shoes that don’t fit, and high-heels that can trip you up. Ensure outfits are at a sensible, safe length, and that heels are comfortable and secure for walking. Swords, knives and other props need to be examined for sharp edges to ensue they do not draw blood.

Halloween Safety for Children

  • Letting young children go trick-or-treating on their own is an open invitation for danger, no matter how familiar the neighborhood might be. A parent or another trusted adult should always accompany children when they go knocking on doors. Teenagers should go out trick-or-treating in a group of 3 or more, as 2 can be easily separated.
  • Halloween revelers should be as visible to others as possible. Add reflective tape to costumes and give them a flashlight with fresh batteries to carry. When walking along a road children should keep on the sidewalk, but if there is non available then they should walk in single file, against the oncoming traffic to give them a greater chance of being seen.
  • Children need to be made aware of the importance of respecting neighbor’s property by keeping to the proper walkways and drives, and not cutting across lawns or yards. They should also be mindful of those who do not wish to be disturbed on October 31st. Some residents turn-off their front porch light as a sign that they don’t welcome trick-or-treaters.
  • Youngsters should only trick-or-treat at houses that are well lit and should never approach a door alone. They should be in full view of others, so if there is a sign asking Halloween revelers to go to the back door, then it’s better to skip that house than invite danger. Children should never accept an invitation to enter a stranger’s home.
  • Check that your child’s treasure trove of collected treats have not been tampered with. For this reason children should not eat their candy until they get home. Be wary of eating candy, cookies, or fruit provided by strangers.

Halloween Safety Tips for Outdoor Parties

  • If you are planning a Halloween party or yard haunt provide well-lit walkways and steps, removing objects which could create injury and keeping Halloween props a safe distance way. Replace damaged light sockets and any loose connections ,and protect extension cords from guests tripping over them and any possibility of rain. If using an artificial fog machine, make sure the fog is safe to be inhaled and does not cause discomfort to guests. Over-fogging can cause eye irritation and dehydrate skin.

Front Door Safety Tips

  • Opening doors to strangers can present risks. Many people open their front doors less cautiously on Halloween as they expect to see trick-or-treaters. It is important to still remain alert. Never let someone you don’t know into your house.
  • Not everyone enjoys Halloween. Don’t feel you have to answer the door to every trick-or-treater, especially if you are alone or as the evening-hour becomes later. If you want to remain undistrubed, switch-off your porch light and close your curtains to deter revelers.

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