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10 Safety Tips for Halloween

Published by Pamula Pettigrove

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Halloween is a fun time of year for kids and adults alike. To keep your Halloween safe and happy, follow these 10 safety tips for Halloween. These simple tips can help keep you and your family safe this Halloween season.

Stay Visible

One of the most important of the 10 safety tips for Halloween, is wearing bright or reflective clothing when out trick or treating or walking after dark. Drivers cannot always see you so you have to take care to make sure you are as visible as possible. Wear glow in the dark accessories like necklaces and bracelets. You can carry a small flashlight or day glow stick. You might also want to place reflective tape on costumes and shoes. When crossing the street, always make sure it’s safe to cross and no cars are coming. Never assume a driver can see you.

Don’t Obstruct Your View

Masks are an important part of many Halloween costumes, but they can obstruct your view. Halloween safety includes being able to see where you’re going! If you’re mask obstructs your view you risk falling. Only wear a mask if you have adequate visibility. This is especially important for children.

Don’t Stay Out Late Trick or Treating

Halloween trick or treating should be tons of fun, but following safety tips for Halloween is much more important. Most cities have strict times for trick or treating. Obey these times and do not go beyond. It is dangerous to trick or trick after hours.

The More the Merrier

Not going trick or treating alone is an important Halloween safety tip. Always try to be with at least one other person, but preferably, trick or treat in groups. Always have your cell phone with your if possible

Check Candy

This important Halloween safety tip has been around for years. Always check your child’s or your own trick or treat bag for dangerous items. Always throw away unwrapped candies. If something doesn’t look right, don’t eat it. Only keep sealed candy and coins. Always check your child’s bag before they eat anything.

Don’t Go To Strange or Dark Houses

Your children should never to trick or treating to houses that are not lit up. Also, if a house looks strange, stay away. Pay attention to any animals on the property. If there is a loose dog, or a dog that’s not inside a fence, stay away. You don’t want to spoil your Halloween fun with a dog bite. These are common sense Halloween safety tips, but they bear repeating.

Extinguish Your Candles

Halloween candles can create a spooky atmosphere, but forgetting to not extinguish them is a recipe for disaster.
In addition to making sure your indoor candles are out, make sure your inside the pumpkin candles are out too. Better yet, don’t even put a candle inside your pumpkin. They sell cheap fake battery operated candles that are made especially for that purpose. This is an extremely important Halloween safety tip.

Who’s Ringing Your Bell

Never assume the knock on your door, or ring of the bell is a trick or treater. Stay cautious and always look before you open the door.

Lock up!

This Halloween safety tip is not only relevant on Halloween, but all year round. While you’re busy opening the front door and passing out goodies, make sure all your doors and windows are locked. People tend to get distracted in all the Halloween hoopla and sometimes forget to lock back doors and windows. Don’t leave your back doors or windows unlocked or open, even if the weather is nice.

Don’t Let Anyone In

Last but not least on our list of 10 safety tips for Halloween, never let anyone in your home. A “trick or treater” may ask to use your phone or bathroom, because they are far away from home, or need to make a phone call. Never, under any circumstances, allow a stranger in your home.

Yes, we need to be careful on Halloween, but let’s not let it dampen our fun too much. Just be aware of your surroundings and have fun. By following some of these Halloween safety tips, you and your family can be safer this Halloween season.



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