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12 Films for the 12 Days of Christmas (the First 6 Days)

Published by Shana Miscavage

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There are a lot of opinions about what are the best films for Christmas and many will disagree, but with this list of twelve films (including Christmas franchises) you can guarantee there is something for everyone.

A Christmas Carol (2009)


There are many screen adaptations of this Dickens tale, but the most recent computer animation with the vocal talents of Jim Carrey, Colin Firth and Gary Oldman will have something for everyone. Although visually it is obvious that it was made for 3D conversion, it is no less enjoyable. There are scares and laughs – most notably the funny moments come when Scrooge shrinks and his voice become high and squeaky. This is a great Christmas film because of its stunning visual representation of a classic tale.


Elf (2003)


A film to delight Children and adults. Buddy the Elf (Will Ferrell) is not like other elves; he is human. When Papa Elf tells him the truth, Buddy sets off to find his real father in the scary, busy city of New York. Once there he not only has to convince his father of his identity, but must try fitting his joyful, child-like persona into a very real and adult world.

Chaos follows Buddy, but he soon builds a relationship with his half-brother and also meets a girl. When Santa’s sleigh crashes, Buddy sets out to help save Christmas, but they need Christmas spirit to save the day, which can only be provided by the people of New York.

Fred Claus (2007)



Christmas is a busy time for Santa, but add the stress of an efficiency audit and the company of a bitter brother, even the big guy in the red suit is likely to get stressed. Fred Claus (Vince Vaughn) has always been overshadowed by his brother, Nick (Santa). Whilst Nick provides for the world’s children, Fred provides for himself. However, when his girlfriend dumps him and a scam goes awry, Fred needs an escape and he calls his brother who offers him refuge at the North Pole in exchange for help. Given the job of reviewing the naughty and nice list, Fred has the opportunity to ruin Christmas and get his own back on Nick and their parents.

The Grinch (2007)


Yet another Jim Carrey film. This millennium re-make of the classic cartoon is a joy for every member of the family. Jim Carrey gives a comical performance as Grinch; the outcast of Who-ville. As the Christmas-obsessed town start their celebrations, Grinch is driven mad from the joy. Intent on self-revulsion and being left well alone, Grinch will do anything to humiliate as many Who’s as possible and make their lives hard and miserable.

However, his character is no challenge to Cindy Lou Who, a young girl who is struggling to find any Christmas spirit in the town obsessed with the season. Her interest in the Grinch grows and she is determined to touch his heart and involve him in the Christmas merriment, but catastrophe follows when she invites him to a town celebration, and he resolves to enact the ultimate revenge; he will steal their Christmas.

Home Alone (1990) & Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)

Being left “Home Alone” is every kid’s dream, right? After a family argument, Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) is ecstatic to wake up to an empty house; his family have gone on holiday and forgotten him. However, when he realises two burglars (Harry and Marv) are targeting the street where he lives, he must create the biggest booby-trap to catch them. Meanwhile, his mother is desperately fighting to get home at the busiest travel time of the year.

In Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Kevin makes it to the airport with his family for their holiday in Florida, but distracted, he follows a man who looks like his dad on to the wrong flight and ends up alone in New York. He is not without hope though, as by lucky chance he has his father’s credit card. He soon befriends a local toy store owner and homeless woman, but who should turn up? Harry and Marv; and their plan is to steal from the toy store. Kevin must use all of his intelligence to thwart their plans and capture them once more.

Jack Frost (1998)

Michael Keaton plays Jack Frost, a musician and a father who is so dedicated to his music that he cannot keep his promises to son, Charlie. As Jack tries to make it home in time for Christmas he is killed in a terrible snow storm. The following Christmas, Charlie is still struggling to cope and builds a snowman for his dad. He is later horrified when the snowman comes to life and insists he is Charlie’s dad.

Although Charlie’s mother, Gabby and his dad’s old band-mate and best friend, Mac become worried by Charlie’s obsession with his snowman, his reincarnated father makes up for his broken promises and embraces his second chance at fatherhood. This tragic yet comical tale centres around what really matters, at Christmas and all year round; family.

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