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12 Men of Christmas on Lifetime: Kristin Chenoweth Stars in this Original Holiday Movie

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E.J. Baxter (Kristin Chenoweth) is on top of the world. She has a great job with a top PR company and is engaged to a wonderful man. But everything falls apart when she finds her fiancé and boss in a compromising situation. In one fell swoop she loses her job and her fiancé.

E.J. also finds herself blackballed in New York. As hard as she tries, no one will hire her. The only job offer is from a small town in Montana who wants her to make them a destination for business retreats. E.J. is a New Yorker through and through. Her wardrobe is strictly big city, and she thinks of Montana as a hole in the map.

A Fashionable New York Woman in a Small Montana Town

But when times get tough she decides that the job is only for one year and she bites the bullet. E.J. moves to Kalispell and even though she feels like a fish out of water, she intends on doing her best to complete the job for which she was hired.

The first problem she faces is finding the town. And even after she manages to locate Kalispell, she is always getting lost. After all, Montana is a big place.

The local search and rescue team is the center of the community and her first initiation into Montana life is the fundraiser to raise money for this all-volunteer team. The men of the squad are all dedicated to helping people in trouble, which E.J. finds exciting. She decides to make the search and rescue team the focus of her campaign to lure businesses to Montana for their retreats.


Creating a Stir with a Sexy Calendar

With her New York savvy, E.J. sets her determination on creating a calendar featuring the men of the team. It sounds like an easy thing to do. After all, they would be raising much needed funds for their team as well as bringing in business to Kalispell. But convincing the Montana men to pose with only half their clothes on proves to be more difficult than she thought. The main opposition comes from Will (Josh Hopkins), an enigma to E.J. These two always find themselves on opposite sides of a situation, but in this case opposites attract.

This is a fun film and Kristin Chenoweth is perky and spunky and adorable to watch as she sets her sights on creating the perfect calendar. What she doesn’t expect when she moves to Montana for her year in exile, is to fall in love. And that is exactly what happens in this delightful romantic comedy filled with holiday cheer.

12 Men of Christmas is a fun new holiday film made even more so by Chenoweth. Based on the novel Decent Exposure by Phillipa Ashley, this Lifetime Original Movie not only contains a cute story, but also some beautiful scenery.

12 Men of Christmas premiers Saturday, December 5, 2009 at 9 PM ET/PT.

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