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13 Halloween Tips for a Fun, Spooky Holiday

Published by Rich Cicchetti

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Unlike Christmas, the Halloween season is short and sweet. Get the most out of this Halloween season by taking advantage of the little ways to celebrate the spooky holiday.

  1. Use artificial black birds, to resemble ravens, and place them on your patio, balcony, roof line, or front porch. Sit a few in trees and shrubs.
  2. In addition to the Halloween Jack-O-Lantern, hollow out small pumpkins and gourds to use for candleholders. Simple cut a hole in the top, remove the guts and place tea lights inside. These work great on party tables or lined up along a sidewalk and from walk.
  3. Use glow in the dark paint to outline corpses on your sidewalk and street. Lay down in grotesque positions for the outline. Add some fragments of yellow police tape.
  4. String thin strands of commercial Halloween cobwebs or white thread over doorways and on your porch. Misting them with water will make them feel really gross when guests brush by.
  5. Dry ice makes the perfect bubbling witches brew. Witch cauldrons are available at most party stores. Simple add a chunk of dry ice to water and watch the smoke bubble out. The smoke is harmless, but remember dry ice freezes much colder than regular ice. Always use gloves and make sure curious children don’t stick their hands inside the Halloween cauldron.
  6. Keep a Halloween candy bowl filled in your cubicle or office at work. Encourage other co-workers to stop by. You’ll be a hit at work and might make some new friends.
  7. Use glow in the dark adhesive tape or dots of glow in the dark paint to highlight your child’s costume. They’ll think it’s cool, and they’ll be easier to spot and less likely to get hurt.
  8. After carving your Jack O Lanterns, wash off the pumpkin seeds and enjoy a classic Halloween tradition. Place a layer of aluminum foil on a cookie sheet, scatter the seeds and sprinkle with salt. Roast until they start to smell delicious and just begin to dry out.
  9. Booby trap your yard with bowls of cooked noodles like spaghetti and macaroni. Place them in trees with strings you can trigger. Hide and wait for your guests to pass beneath and then dump the noodles on them. In the dark, the cold, noodles feel like guts.
  10. Go for homemade treats instead of buying commercial candy. Popcorns balls and caramel apples are classic and unique at modern Halloweens. Home made cookies with Halloween decorations are also great. This only works if you know most of the kids who will visit your home on Halloween. Keep a small amount of commercial candy for strangers, since you wouldn’t want your children eating homemade things from a stranger either.
  11. For a great scrapbook of the neighborhood kids, keep a Polaroid camera at your front door. Take two photos of each group and give one to the parent or adult with the group of trick or treaters. Keep one in a scrapbook. These are great to look at as all the neighbors kids grow up. You could also start a tradition of giving out Polaroids of the costumed kids with their candy each year.
  12. Make a Halloween “club” account and stick $5 a paycheck in it throughout the year. When Halloween comes, you’ll have some money set aside for your child’s costume or trick or treat candy without breaking your budget.
  13. Use bright glow sticks or small battery powered lights inside Jack O Lanterns instead of candles. Not only does this cut down on the fire hazard, but candles also burn out very quickly or give weak light. Glow sticks will burn stronger, longer.



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