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150 Halloween-Scrapbook and Greeting-Card Sayings and Titles

Published by Garrett Bruzek

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1st Halloween

A Haunting We Will Go

A Howlin’ Good Time

Bad Witch


Be Afraid

Be Witching Halloween

Beary Be-Witching

Beary Scary

Beary Scary Halloween

Best Witches

Black Cat Crossing

Black Cats

Bone Voyage


Boo-tiful Night

Broom Parking – 5 cents

Broom Rides – 10 cents

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble

Bugs and Hisses

Candy Corn


Carving Memories

Carving Pumpkins

Cast A Spell

Caution! Black Cat Crossing

Caution! Witches Crossing

Chamber of Horrors

Chills And Thrills

Cob Webs

Coffin Break

Creatures Of The Night


Creepy Critters

Daddy’s Little Pumpkin

Eat, Drink and Be Scary

Evil Queen

Evil Twin

Fangs For The Memories




Free Broom Rides

Freeky Friday

Freeky Fright-day

Fright Night

Frightfully Delightful

Ghost Rally

Ghost Town


Ghostly Gathering

Ghostly Ghouls


Ghosts and Gobblins


Ghoulish Guests

Ghouls Night Out

Ghouls Rule


Gone Haunting

Good Witch

Got Candy?

Got Ghosts?

Got Treats?

Gruesome Twosome

Hair Raising

Halloween Night

Happy Halloween

Happy Hallowienee

Happy Haunting

Happy Haunting Ground

Happy Haunting Night

Happy Howl-O-Ween

Happy Pumpkin Day

Haunted Halloween

Haunted House

Honey Of A Halloween

How Boo-tiful

Hurray For Halloween

I Am The Great Pumpkin

I Believe In The Great Pumpkin

I Love Halloween

I Love My Mummy

I Trick And Retreat

I’ve Put A Spell On You

It’s Witchcraft


Jeepers Creepers

Jolly Jack-o-lanterns

Just Say Boo

Lil’ Punkin’

Little Pumpkin

Lost Soul

Making Spirits Bright

Me Want candy

Mind Your Mummy

Mini Monster

Mischief and Mayhem

Mommy’s Little Devil

Mommy’s Little Monster

Monster Mash

Monster Mayhem

Monsters On Parade

Mummy Loves Me

Mummy Madness

Mummy To Be

Mummy’s Little Pumpkin

My Halloween Costume

My Other Car Is A Broom

Pirate Dad

Please Come In For A Bite

Positively Defrightful

Precious Pumpkin

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch Kids

Pumpkin Smuggler

R.I.P (Rest In Peace)

Remember The Gh’oul Times

Scare Factory


Scaredy Cat

Scaring Up Some Fun


Seize The Night




Spooktacular Night


Takin’ A Coffin’ Break

Terror Twosome


The Boo Crew

The Boos Brothers

The Haunted

The Howling

The Terror Zone

The Witching Hour

Too Cute to Spook

Trick or Treat

Witch Parking, All Others Will Be Toad

Witches and Warlocks

Witchful Thinking

Witchy woman


World’s Cutest Monster

You Are Boo-tiful

You’re So Bootiful To Me


Zombie Crossing


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