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2 Blood Curdling Vegetarian Halloween Dinner Recipes

Published by Julie Averbeck

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How spooky can vegetarian cuisine be? Try, if you dare, two of my favorite vegetarian Halloween dishes. They’ll make your blood curdle …and your mouth salivate!

  1. Pumpkin Blood With Eyeballs

You Need:

2 acorn squash or small pumpkins
8 cherry or grape tomatoes
1 can tomato soup
Onion powder
Sour cream (optional)
frozen peas

2 servings


Have you ever seen pumpkin blood? How about pumpkin eyeballs? Try this recipe and find out! First, cut off top of acorn squash/pumpkin like you would a jack-o-lantern. Gut your acorn squash/pumpkin, leaving the meat of the squash/pumpkin (to eat later). Pour water about 1/4 inch high into a pan. Place acorn squash/pumpkin open side down on pan, as well as squash/pumpkin tops.

Bake on 375 for 15 minutes. Next, take acorn squash/pumpkin out of the oven and spray inside with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spray. Pour water out of the pan and spray the bottom with cooking spray. Place acorn squash/pumpkin upside down on pan along with their tops. While squash/pumpkin cooks, cut tops off of tomatoes and stick one pea securely into the tomato to create an eye. Make eight eyes.

Start cooking the tomato soup. While cooking, add ½ cup peas as well as onion powder and basil to taste. After both acorn squash/pumpkin and soup are cooked, pour tomato soup inside the squash. If you would like to make the soup creamy, add a dollop of sour cream and stir. To finish, place four eyes in each acorn squash/pumpkin and place the tops on the squash/pumpkin. Your guests will love the cute pumpkin presentation and scream when they lift the top and see blood and eyeballs! Don’t forget to eat the meat of the acorn squash/pumpkin- it’s absolutely delicious…and completely vegetarian friendly!

  1. Witch’s Cauldron Biscuits

You Need:
Jumbo biscuit dough
3 different kinds of peppers
Cheese of your choice
Tomato sauce/sour cream (optional)


Use this recipe and stir up your very own hunger spell! To create your potion, chop vegetables (leaving some celery) into small pieces. Stretch biscuit dough flat (this will be the cauldron). Place veggies in the center and fold dough up, leaving the top open. Pinch cauldron edges to help keep dough in place. Cut extra celery sticks into smaller sticks, one for each biscuit. Place small celery sticks into the cauldron through the veggies to the bottom. Place the celery to look like a stirring spoon is sticking out of the cauldron. Spray a cooking sheet with cooking spray and place cauldron on sheet.

Cook for 10-15 minutes, or until biscuits are ready. When biscuits are finished sprinkle some cheese on top (I like cheddar) and serve. I also like to dip my cauldrons in either sour cream or tomato sauce. If you would like to add these dips just fill 2 bowls, one with tomato sauce and one with sour cream. Your potion is complete! Don’t worry, the potion you created just adds some Halloween spirit to whomever eats it! These cauldrons are absolutely delicious and a perfect touch for any Halloween festivity.

Bloody pumpkins, eyeballs, and cauldrons oh my! If those vegetarian recipes don’t scare you, than you are very brave…maybe even brave enough to eat them!




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