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5 Cheap Halloween Party Favors for Kids

Published by Jannette Piedigrossi

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If you are planning a Halloween party and are on a limited budget, I have a few ideas that will come in very handy. With Halloween there are numerous things that can be bought as Halloween party favors. I typically suggest to stay with in the party budget. Get the rest of the supplies first then worry about the party favors. They are usually the cheapest items on your list. Here are my top five picks for cheap Halloween party favors:

Coming in at number five is glow in the dark ghost wall and ceiling stickers. These can typically run about $2.00 for a bag of twelve and be purchased at your local craft store or party store. They are great for children. Children love anything that is glow in the dark. The ghostly wall stickers will be a good idea for any children in your group. Another place that you can usually find them is any Spencer’s Gifts locations.

The number four favorite Halloween part favor is glow stick ghosts. You can usually by glow sticks in your local Wal-mart or Kmart for about $1.00-$2.00 for a two pack. Glow sticks ghosts are easy to make. You get a few pieces of white cloth the glow sticks and some red ribbon . the head of the ghost is just an extra piece of the clothe balled up. after you have placed the ball of fabric on the glow stick place a flat piece of cloth covering both the ball of fabric and the glow stick completely. Once that is done, place red ribbon just under the head of the ghost and tie tightly. I typically will leave enough ribbon for the child to be able to wear it as a necklace.

Coming in number three is paper plate masks. These are very cheap to make. Most people who have children have most if not all supplies needed for this. What you need is crayons or markers, scissors to cut the eyes and mouth, a hole punch to place holes for the ribbon to tie the mask so it is wearable, ribbon, and paper plates. Draw out the eyes and mouth of each of the masks. Let the kids design the mask to their liking. After the kids have decorated their mask, cut out the eyes and mouth. Next, punch out the holes for the ribbon. tie the ribbon on for the child. Kids will enjoy decorating their own party favor. They are able to make the mask as spooky as they want to.

My number two choice is Halloween picture frames. These are fun for children to make for their guests. What you need is popsicle sticks, hot glue gun, Halloween stickers,markers (preferably Sharpies) to decorate with, clear plastic, and a piece of cardboard for the backing. Hot Glue the four popsicle sticks together. The next thing to do is to hot glue the clear plastic to the popsicle sticks. After the glue is dry, glue on the cardboard back on only three sides. Once the glues is dry, let the children decorate the frame with the markers and stickers. This makes a great party favor for your guests because it is something that the child made for them.

My number one favorite cheap party favor is ghost cookies wrapped in plastic Halloween wrap. You bake the cookies in the shape of ghosts, witches, or any Halloween shape you would like. Once the are done baking you add food coloring to the frosting to decorate. Children will love to help decorate the cookies. They will also love to eat these party favors as well.

These are a few ideas that I hope will be able to help you with your party favor needs. Have a happy and safe Halloween.



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