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5 Reasons Halloween Should Not Be Celebrated in School

Published by Inocencia Mcgaha

policies eliminating sugary snacks in the classroom to help fight the war on child obesity. As a result, Halloween should not be celebrated in school because it conflicts with healthy eating habits.

4. No bearing on education

If Halloween were listed in each state’s educational standards, or played some important role in helping students learn more about the world, then it might be appropriate. However, the holiday is simply a seasonal celebration with fun traditions (much like Valentine’s Day), and is simply something that does not need to be covered in school. When the kids get off the bus, feel free to have your own party, though.

5. Inappropriate costumes

Next Halloween, make sure you go trick-or-treating with your kids, and pay attention to the costumes you pass. Guaranteed, many teen boys will dress in something violent or gruesome. Likewise, many teen girls will dress in provocative costumes too mature for their age.

Because of school dress codes, many of the costumes kids of this age group choose to wear are not appropriate for school. For this reason alone, schools should not conduct Halloween costume parties during school hours.

This being said, I don’t feel Halloween has to be completely neglected in the classroom. If a teacher can work a Halloween theme into a journaling essay, or word problems in elementary math class include mention of the holiday, so be it. If a school hosts an after-hours event, more power to them.

However, for these five reasons, Halloween should not be celebrated during school hours in place of educational subjects, or through elaborate holiday parties which students are required to attend. Let school be school.

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