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7 Halloween Night Safety Tips for Kids

Published by Shondra Hickle

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Parents, It’s Our Job to Teach Them Safety Tips for Halloween

Halloween is around the corner and its time to think about safety when kids go out trick or treating. During Halloween, kids only think about dressing up and receiving free candy. Halloween is an exciting time for kids of all ages and because of that, they forget the dangers that are involved. Parents, it’s our job to teach them safety tips for Halloween. So that the only memories they have, are good ones.

Some of these tips will be ones you already know and are common sense safety tips. These tips should have been taught to your child already.

Safety Tips for Kids at Halloween

1 – Never enter a stranger’s home. If the person answering the door seems nice and invites you in don’t do it. Many adults are not nice to children even though they present themselves as nice.

2 – Be cautious when crossing a street. Look both directions before crossing. If you have a younger sibling, hold hands as you cross the street. If there is a traffic light, wait for the crosswalk light to flash for you to walk.

3 – If you are an older kid that drives let your parents know where you’ll be hanging out for the night. I know this seems strict but parents need to know these things especially on Halloween night when things are most likely to happen. Also, make sure you have enough gas to get where you’re going. Remember the horror movies and what happens if you run out of gas on a dark deserted road. Just kidding about the horror movie but make sure to gas up.

4 – If you’re older and have a curfew, be home on time. If you don’t arrive on time, parents will become worried and start calling all your friends. Arriving home on time builds trust between you and your parents. If you feel you will be late, pick up the telephone and call. This shows respect and consideration for yourself and your parents.

5 – Don’t vandalize home, cars or businesses. Throwing eggs is not cool and can get you into serious trouble with the law. Put yourself in the victims place if you or your friends consider vandalism. You wouldn’t like someone throwing eggs at your home or your car. Never hurt animals. Many people use Halloween night as a way to kill or injure animals. It’s cruel and should never happen. It is against the law too and you will be punished.

6 – Young kids should always have an older sibling or parent when trick or treating. Never go or allow your child to go trick or treating alone. It’s dangerous and something could happen. When the night is done check candy thoroughly and throw away any unwrapped candy in your trick or treat bag.

7 – Most of all have fun, be safe and enjoy Halloween night. It only comes around once a year.



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