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A 2-Year-Old’s Halloween Trick

Published by Shannon Majocka

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Her Father’s Best Intentions Caused Him Great Embarrassment

The day before my granddaughter’s second birthday was Halloween, so her mom dressed her up in her cute little bee costume and her dad took her trick-or-treating to the homes of their nearest neighbors, mainly to show her off.

Before they left, Cara’s dad coached her on manners. “When someone gives you some candy, be sure and say, “Thank you,” he told her. Being a bright child, she seemed to understand and assured him she would do as he said.

They went to three or four houses and the neighbors were properly impressed with the toddler’s adorable costume. As they dropped generous numbers of candies into her little plastic pumpkin, she followed her dad’s instructions perfectly. But when the next neighbor, who was running low on candy, dropped only one small piece into her pumpkin, Cara stood silently and glowered.

What did Daddy tell you to say? he asked her.

Cara held out her pumpkin and declared, “Want some mo’ !”

His face burning, her dad apologized to the neighbor and rushed Cara straight home. He hadn’t expected his little protege to leave the script and strike out on her own.



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