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A. Blaine Miller Short Film Accepted at Cape Fear Film Festival

A. Blaine Miller and Dalliance Films of Charlotte, North Carolina will premiere “Back in the Saddle”–winner of the Charlotte Film Community 72-Hour Film Challenge–in Wilmington, North Carolina’s 10th Annual Cape Fear Film Festival.

The festival begins Thursday, April 29th and runs four days until Sunday, May 2nd.

“Back in the Saddle” plays Saturday, May 1st at 3:00 pm, according to the News page on Dalliance Films’ official website.

The Charlotte Film Community (CFC) 72-Hour Film Challenge was judged by 300 plus professionals and filmmakers in the industry. In addition to winning the competition, “Back in the Saddle” took home the award for Best Comedic Moment.

Recent Awards, Current Projects

The five minute comedy short was filmed and edited in three days. It was written and directed by Miller.

Bitter Root won Best Screenplay in the Horror genre at the 7th Annual iP Screenwriting Contest, further acknowledging Blaine Miller and Dalliance Films as leading independent filmmakers in the Charlotte Region.

The company’s current feature length production–Timing–has a promotional trailer for a sneak peek of what’s to come. The project is in development and has not been filmed yet.

The Last Confederate was Blaine Miller’s first full-length directing debut. This civil war period piece– a romantic drama written by Julian Adams–starred Mickey Rooney as well as Adams, among others.

The original title of the Hollywood budget motion picture was Strike the Tent. Filming wrapped in 2005, and the final cut was released by ThinkFilm in 2007, according to The Internet Movie Database (IMBd).

Charlotte Indie Film Action

Way back in 1996, The Perch Theatre was Miller’s palette for creating in Charlotte. And within those walls of sketch comedy beginnings, one of Charlotte’s notable forerunner and professionals in the film and arts community of the last decade was establishing a name for Charlotte Comedy.

Today, Mr. Miller and Dalliance Films is an extension of Blaine Miller’s artistic support and vision–they are paramount in the arts community–as leaders establishing Charlotte as prime locale for shooting.

Major motion pictures have been shot in Charlotte, North Carolina with the city as a backdrop.

With the Charlotte Film Community at the helm–continued funding for production of projects in and around The Queen City place the area and local filmmaking veterans at the forefront to set-up and expand production to keep the cameras rolling.

Additional information about Charlotte writer/director A. Blaine Miller can be found at Dalliance Films’ About Us page here, along with more news, past and current projects, actors, awards, affiliates, and contacts on the site.

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