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A Dozen Inspired Christmas Religious Greetings to Sign Off With

Published by Sharika Adney

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Christmas cards often illustrate or say many nice things. However, sometimes they do not reflect the spirit of who we are or what we believe or what we would like to say. Christmas cards are beautiful expressions of the season and you may find that by adding your own warm, personally-written closing words you can transform a good Christmas card into an extra special, great or extraordinary card. Consider these 12 examples below as helpful starter thoughts and a working list for consideration. Choose, mix and match, modify and compose those expressions that may work for you.

Christ-Child-Baby-Centered Expressions for Christmas and New Year Greetings and Closings

There are three here that are appropriate to consider:


  • As Christ came in small, tender, and vulnerable earthly frame, I am reminded of how His love and your love have enriched my (our) life (lives). Blessings and Love Always,
  • Mere Babe He was, then Man became, and all the while taught and showed us how to live and give – just as you have done for me (us). In My Prayers and Thoughts, Love,
  • A child who cried when born, then as Rabbi He taught us well and gave His life to show what God’s love is. Jesus showed me how to live and walk and talk along life’s way as you have done throughout my life and to you and him I owe so much and reach out with words to touch and simply say – I Love You and Thanks.

Christ as Savior, Word and Light for Christmas and New Year Greetings and Closings

These expressions have important foundations in the Holy Bible. Consider some useful scriptural citations and applications here as they relate.

  • Jesus came as the Way, The Truth and The Life, May You and Yours have that abundance this Christmas and in the years to come. With Blessings and Love,
  • Peace He came in and Peace He gave. May You and Your Family have that Peace that passes all understanding, now and always. Love,
  • He calls us as friends, and brothers and sisters, and we are reminded of Jesus at this time and throughout the year. You are in our prayers and thoughts – now and in the days ahead. Love,

Simplest Christian Christmas and New Year’s Greetings and sign Offs and Closings

The simplest expressions are sometimes the best greetings and closures for the Christmas and New Year. Here are six Christmas and the New Year that may serve your needs:

  • May the Christmas light shine always in your heart and life.
  • In Christ’s love for you in this season and throughout the years.
  • May the Peace and Love of Bethlehem and Jerusalem be with you and your family.
  • He came humbly, He taught, lived and died well. Jesus arose and gives us hope eternal.
  • Let your light shine and show forth good works. Christmas and New Year’s Blessings.
  • May you have Peace and Love, Now and Always.

Christmas and New Year Greetings – Send Them Early or Send Them Late – Yes, Send Them

Remember a greeting received is typically a greeting welcomed. A greeting never sent cannot be received. So, whether early or late, or even past the holiday season, remember to send your greetings forward – they will be appreciated and remembered.

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