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A Focus On Family Quality Time

With the current lifestyle pace that most of us have, it can be nearly impossible to find the time to spend and enjoy quality time with your family. Between rushing in the mornings to get everyone ready for school and work, and the rushing around in the evenings for ballet lessons and football practice, trying to squeeze family time in between the added pressure of homework, dinner preparation, and bedtime can leave your head reeling. Here are a few simple ways to help you not only unwind and spend time with your family, but also to help you work on your family relationship.

Dinner Together

It can’t be disputed that just spending time together in the evenings enjoying a family meal together is one of the best ways to unwind and build on your relationship with your family. Your family meal does not need to be fancy, not does it even have to be at home! Order in a pizza or stop at a family-favorite fast food place on the way home from football practice! The focus is less on the type of meal that you share, but more on the time that you spend together while sharing your meal. This is the ideal time during your day to find out from your kids how their days were, ask if anything new and exciting happened, and just generally keep the open communication and conversation flowing while enjoying each other’s company.

Time Out Together

Taking the time to go on a vacation, or even a small road trip, with your family is a great method of allowing the entire family to just break free from the everyday stress and monotony that we all face. You could take your family on a vacation as elaborate as a cruise which will provide plenty of time to spend together as well as activities to do individually, or you could take your family on a weekend camping and hiking trip at a nearby national park. The goal of your time out together is to give you all a break from the stresses at the office and the overwhelming piles of homework – while providing you with the chance to have fun and relax together!

Time Here And There

In addition to the two togetherness suggestions above, it is important to take advantage of all of the time that you spend with your children. From chit chats about their day while driving to and from school, to hearing about the latest in friend-drama while shopping for the groceries! The more time that you spend focusing on your children and their need to communicate with you, the stronger your overall family relationship will be.

Recent studies have shown that children who have parents that take the time to spend that quality time together not only have a higher level of educational success, but that they are also more stable and well-rounded individuals. Take the time; make the time to focus on your children and on your family. It is something that can greatly benefit all of you.

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