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A Halloween Greeting Poem

Published by Wilford Witvoet

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Welcome to the dooms of frightening aromas. Where witches stir their mysterious simmering morbid brew and creepy boiling drippings meet melted tremors, caged beneath the gooey gore while screeching walls are constantly howling out warnings.

Then incapacitated high above ceilings drool into nightmarish thirst. Scents of scary scabby markings begin surrounding the darkened fouled moon as gruesome squeamish looking bats glare, teething their strange cold nippings. Next, I’m hearing limping calculating footprints trespassing on to the slick floors of pure haunting nausea.

However, around the crusty mangling corner, I nervously see lurking eyeballs protruding my shadows. Plus, sleeping ailing corpses fuming gross leaks of stinched horror. But behind the quarreling mummified pack, skulls are stranded by deceitful cob webs. Poking over yonder, in a graveyard fury, misery finally has risen near the dueling musky eerie air capturing a bony wrangling skeleton and a filet fanged vampire hovering under the rotting fog baring their raw and only souls.



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