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A Halloween Poem about What Waits

Published by Brady Giusti

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Halloween poems are scary stories of power.

As it is the day that goblins and demons stir, during the witching hour.
Sometimes you will see a witch or two, never knowing if their real or not, as they stare back at you.

Children run door to door looking for the best treats, but nothing more. Who knows what they may find on that night, where all that good sleeps, while the unknown begins its plight.

Halloween poems are horrific and filled with fear, where we never know what’s lurking near.

Where sometimes we feel the energy of those who are gone, as we come to know that we aren’t alone. Although the treats are sweet and filled with goo, Halloween poems always use the word boo!

Are you afraid when the clock strikes three, which is the known witching hour by you and me. As the demons prevail from the depths of hell, in search of their next victim whom they know so well? Don’t be surprised if its you that they sought, for all the misgivings that you have brought. Except what you get when the time is clear, because Halloween poems are told once a year.



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