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A Halloween to Remember

Published by Tona Bernstrom

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One Horror Filled Night

There was someone out there!

Natalie Weber sat up in bed and with trembling hands reached for the bedside clock. It was Two-Fifteen in morning. There was no question someone was out there. A loud crash from the back of the house had awakened her from a dead sleep and now she was certain someone was trying to get into her house.

All alone in the farmhouse that she so dearly loved Natalie wished for the first time that she had nearby neighbors, but there were none. The nearest neighbor lived two miles down the dirt and gavel road that passed by her farm and the nearest town was fifteen miles east. Natalie’s husband, Nick, was away on business and would not return until late the next day.

It dawned on her that she was totally alone.

Quietly Natalie got out of bed, slipped on her robe and slippers and tiptoed down the stairs that led to the foyer. At the foot of the stairs she noticed that she had inadvertently gone to bed with the kitchen light on. As she approached the kitchen from the hallway an eerie shadow of a human being passed slowly by the den window. Pressing against the wall so as not to be seen she heard heavy, plodding, footsteps coming from the deck outside the den. Just as the footsteps halted a face, half human and half animal appeared at the kitchen window.

Pressed against the glass pane the face appeared horribly disfigured. One eye twice the size of the other eye bulged from its’ socket and stared in the opposite direction from the other eye. The whites of both eyes were blood red seeming to strain at attempts to reject the wayward eye and the sunken eye cavity was ringed in horribly black circles of bruised skin. The snarling mouth enclosed ragged, broken teeth stained from years of neglect. The lips were chaffed to the point that they were bleeding profusely. The skin of the face appeared as coarse, deeply wrinkled leather and included a ragged scar that ran from just below the left eye to the point of the chin. Leafs, grass and mud clung to tangled hair.

Unable to hold her silence Natalie screamed in horror and ran uncontrollably down the hall hoping desperately to find some refuge from this monster that threatened her.

At the end of the hall Natalie found the telephone and without pause began to dial 911. It was then that she heard the breaking glass and wood coming from the French doors in the den.


Natalie dropped the telephone and screamed just as the 911 operator answered. She ran without a planned destination back down the hall towards the kitchen and on seeing the door that led to the basement steps opened it and ran down the darkened steps to the basement below. Cringing beneath the wooden steps she heard the same heavy, plodding footsteps in the hallway above. He was following her.

She heard the door open and after a long pause the creature began to slowly descend the basement stairs. Trembling with fear Natalie knew she had no way out. Only the darkness of the basement could save her from the creature. As the creature reached the mid point of the stairs Natalie on instinct reacted by reaching out and grasping the large man’s ankles pulled his feet out from under him just as he was about to take his next step. The monster of a man crashed down the remaining steps landing headfirst violently on the concrete floor below.

Natalie did not move, but listened for sounds from the hulk that lay crumpled at the bottom of the stairs. There was no sound or movement. After what seemed like hours, Natalie moved silently from her hiding place a negotiated her way through the dark towards the stairs. Still no movement from the massive body that lay half on the stairs and half on the basement floor. Stepping over the huge body Natalie placed one foot on the bottom step and just as she was about to take the second step was horrified to when a huge club-like hand grasped her right ankle and began to pull her down. Long, ragged fingernails cut into her leg and the horrid head of the man-monster rose up in an attempt to sink broken teeth into her ankle.

Screaming uncontrollably Natalie reached out to the shelves that lined the stairwell hoping to find something to anchor her position and keep her from falling. Instead Natalie found a shelf filled with garden supplies and one spray can of insecticide which she grabbed and quickly turned on her assailant spraying him fully in into his bulging and good eye until the can was empty.

The monster-man screamed as if in great pain and released his hold on Natalie as both hands began to vigorously rub his eyes in a failed attempt to relieve the burning and pain.

Natalie seized the moment and ran up the darkened stairs and into the hallway above.

Natalie screamed in disbelief as once again as in the darkened she felt two strong hands grasp her by the arms and pull her from the doorway.

Police Maam a voice from the dark explained. “We are here in response to your disrupted 911 call. We were about to leave when we found no one at home and then we hear your scream from the basement. Is everything OK?”

Yes said Natalie, “Now everything is OK”.



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