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A Happy Halloween Spa Night

Published by Toshia Dubon

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Just What You Need to Scare Up the Right Mood

The hour approaches as you near your home. It’s been a long day at work and you’re tired, cranky and there won’t be any children tonight, because it’s the night before Halloween. You don’t have to work tomorrow and it would be nice to relax and maybe get into the spirit of Halloween like you felt as a kid. It shall be done! Tonight is your very own Halloween spa night to scare yourself silly and get in the mood for all the little monsters roaming the streets tomorrow.

After a good spa, a good scare and no sleep you’ll be ready to greet your little ghoulies with a smile on your face and candy in hand. You are going to love this celebration so much it will become a tradition as the years go on. Once you brag about your own relaxing and frightening experience your friends will make the time for themselves.

To prepare for you nightly fright spa start with turning off all the lights in the house. Draw the shades and leave all doors to other rooms open so you can hear the strange and unusual noises of the night. Turn on the TV to a good old fashioned scary movie and turn the sound down low. This way you only hear the groans, moans and screams in the background as you soak.

Now run the tub full of hot water and scent with a floral touch as you would find in any good graveyard. It will bring memories of past times that will never live again. Light several blood red candles in the bathroom for effect. No overhead lights please. You never know when the electricity will go off… or why! So your candles will burn with a soft light while you soak and soften your skin for beasties in the night.

Lower yourself slowly into the hot water and savor it’s feel on your skin. As you soak in the heat sip a glass of blood red wine and relax to the sounds of silent screams in the other room. Choose a good scary book with one tiny book light to scare the skin off your bones such as the story of serial killer Ted Bundy or Sandra Brown’s White Hot. One is a true story and one is fiction, but both will have you jumping at every imagined noise.

You’ll start to hear little noise in the rest of the house as you sip wine and read of terror and murder. About the time you can stand it no longer it will be time to get out. Dry off in the dark, dress in a silk night gown made famous in movies of old and search the house while it’s still dark for intruders. When finished you can turn on a few lights, grab the ice cream and finish the movie that was playing in the background while you enjoyed your spa.

It’s been a great relaxing night and now you can’t go to sleep, but you are in the mood for Halloween just like when you were a kid! Finish the rest of the night with a funny movie to take your mind off of your fears and try to get some rest. The monsters will be back within a matter of hours and they’ll want their candy and you’ll be ready!



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