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Advertise Your Halloween Haunted House

Published by Jordan Coria

research. This benefits a nice turn out at your haunted house event.

Plan of Attack

Planned advertising means understanding what you’re advertising about. You would have to know what your advertisement would look like, sound like with any important information about location, date and time. Having a plan counts. Taking some “must see” pictures, or creating them is the plus. Make the best of your artistic abilities, or of someone else to help you produce an ad that best describes your haunted house. You want to attract visitors to a haunted house, a haunted house. Halloween is approaching, catch the moment before it passes.

Trick or Treat – Offer treats at your haunted house, perhaps a humongous witch bowl of loose candies. Use this to attract the public by adding that you are offering a witches brew of candy. Some offer a costume contest for a money or prize at their haunted houses, and if you are considering this then add it to your advertisement. If it passes the laws of your community, then charge at the gate to pay the winner or use the money to buy the prize. Winning money or prizes attracts the public.

Advertise Your Haunted House

Oral Advertising – Brigatine Castle advertised mainly through word of mouth. The boardwalks of Jersey back then had been a short line of Paul Reveres, passing the message by at record speeds, faster than UPS. Next time you receive a call, and it’s the appropriate moment, pass a pitch about your haunted house with location, date and time. Loose lips may sink ships, but this is a haunted house.

Local Ad Papers– Contacting your local ad papers is easy. You could go online, or go to the grocery store to pick up a local ad paper. They are free and usually on a rack in or around grocery stores, convenient stores, or department stores. Know what you wish to say (your ad) before contacting anyone. Call that number to add yourself into their paper. There may be a small charge, but well worth it in the end.

Local News Papers – Just as you have with local ad papers, local news papers can either be contacted online, or you could get the number on the paper itself. Know what you want to say in your ad, and call the advertisement department.

State Papers – You can also do the same for State Papers, the news that covers the state. Contact the ad department, and you are on your way to building interest towards your haunted house.

Post Online
– Only post your ad online if you fully trust the site you are posting into. If you are familiar with the site, such as Craigslist, then you can advertise on that site. If you blog and trust those watching your blogs, then use your blog to advertise your haunted house (in news section if offered). This is a great way to pass the information about your haunted house as well. You may need those photos or artwork to download as your “must see” picture. Make it good, it could make the difference on the amount of guests. The internet also offers a ‘Portal to Haunted Houses’ that shares haunted house locations in your area. Get connected and add your haunted house advertisement into the mix.

Convenient Advertising – Convenient stores run with the general public in mind, as thousands of people go in and out of the convenient store doors. Have some guts, faith, and a smile when you ask the cashier if you can place some ‘pick up as you go’ advertisement sheets for customers to take with them as they leave. Some convenient stores allow this, others don’t, but I know many convenient store owners that only accept this when the person asking is not pushy. A set of approximately 50 sheets should be left behind. Go around to other areas, such as a library, and do the same. Soon enough, you will find this way of advertising convenient.

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