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After Christmas Kid Chaos!

Published by Yuki Maud

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Where do you begin? How do you start to find your house now? You like many other parents are wondering this so here are a few tips to help you get started on the road to “normal.”

The Christmas Presents are All Opened!


Christmas is over, all the presents are opened! Is your house a mess with your children’s new toys everywhere? You are not the only one. Parents everywhere are looking around there house thinking, now what, where do I even begin? We tend to think the stress is over when Christmas is, but for parents it is not the case. Next comes cleanup which can be an overwhelming task.

Here are few tips which may help reduce the stress of getting your children’s new toys put away and the house back to normal.

Tips To Get Organized After Christmas

  • Let the kids take all of their new toys out of the boxes after they are done opening gifts You are already cleaning up all of the wrapping paper from opening the gifts so you might as well get rid of the other garbage as the same time. This will reduce garbage traveling through the house, reduce clean up later, and get everything ready to be put away.
  • If your family is staying in for the day, or even most of the day, let the kids have at it. Let them check all their new stuff out. This will help the kids avoid feeling like everything was put away before they got to play with it and see what it does!
  • Replace some old toys with the new ones. After Christmas is a great time to clean out the toys which are not played with much while making room for the new ones. Getting your child involved in this could also be a great life lesson about giving. Have your children pick out a certain number of their old toys (determined by you) to donate to charity. This is a wonderful way to teach them about giving to others even after the holidays and helps you make room for the new toys.
  • Reinforce the need to put one toy away before getting out another one. For preschool age children and older, this is something which should become routine; they can clearly understand and follow this instruction to help keep things clean and organized.
  • Make sure your children know where you expect their new toys to go once they are done playing with them. Have them help you put everything away so they are sure where they need to put them when they are done and it is time to clean up.

The truth is, it will take a while for us to feel like we are organized after Christmas, but these simple tips can help process and reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed. Getting your child involved in this task helps you, teaches them responsibility, and gets your house looking somewhat normal again!

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