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Alternative Treats for Halloween

Published by Jewell Kalafatis

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Halloween and candy are synonymous. But for some children, a restrictive diet means candy is out of the question. In addition, some adults don’t choose to give out candy as Halloween treats for personal reasons. So what alternatives can take the place of Halloween candy and still be exciting or tantalizing enough to be considered a treat by candy-loving children? Here are Halloween candy alternatives you could substitute in place of traditional sugary treats.

Halloween Food Treats

If you think nuts, seeds, grains, and fruit, you can come up with some alternative treats that can substitute for more sugar-laden ones. Snack packs of peanuts, smoked almonds, roasted pumpkinseeds, or sunflower seeds are great Halloween treat ideas. Individual packages of raisins, prunes, fruit leather, or fruit roll-ups are also great food treats–but ones that offer better nutrition. Finally, you can give out as Halloween treats, mini-packs of microwave popcorn, granola bars, beef jerky, or small packs of goldfish crackers, pretzels, or healthy chips.

An additional food-related item would be to give out fast-food gift certificates or coupons. Although the fast-food it represents may not be all that much better in terms of healthy choice, it still represents an alternative to sugar consumption and a means for enjoying a treat that might better suit a restrictive diet.

Halloween Non-Food Treats

Non-food related Halloween treats are many. You can make up individual gift bags that hold small Halloween theme items purchased from places such as Oriental Trading Company or your local drug store, or you could give out non-food items that are self-contained or come individually wrapped.

Here are some non-food Halloween treat ideas: mini containers of play dough, toys, trinkets, games, whistles, mini-puzzles, or mini-cards; coloring books and colors; stickers or erasers; temporary tattoos; rubber balls; flower or herb seed packets; glow-in-the-dark necklaces; soap bubbles; pencils and pencil toppers; plastic fashion jewelry; hair accessories, and inexpensive balsawood airplane models. Furthermore, if you search for non-food treat items way before Halloween, you can often save a bundle on cost.

Why Offer Alternative Treats for Halloween?

For children who simply can’t partake of sugary Halloween candy due to dietary restrictions, there ought to be alternative treats available. For parents or health-conscious adults who don’t choose to give out candy as Halloween treats, there needs to be treat alternatives to the usual Halloween candy. And it’s always good to remember that although kids are generally candy-lovers, they may not all be able to enjoy typical Halloween treats and sugary snacks.

Why not make this year the year you trade in sugary treats for ones that are still fun for kids and Halloween enthusiasts? Focus on food treats that are more nutritious or offer alternative treats for kids who for parental or dietary reasons, can’t partake of traditional wrapped Halloween candy treats.




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