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Alternatives to Candy for Halloween

Published by Bradly Trimm

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Halloween is a great time for kids getting candy but it is possible to have too much candy. Here are some other alternatives you can give out and I am sure they will make parents happy to see less candy in their kid’s loot.

One thing that always seems to be a hit with kids are temporary tattoos. You can find an assortment of temporary tattoos to choose form at www.mygoodybag.com. You can buy specific tattoos like Hannah Montana 18 tattoos for $3.99 to Backyardigans 18 for $4.99. They also have the variety packs anywhere from a 36 count for $7.99 to 100 count for $8.99.

You can give away stickers as well, which you can also find a great assortment at www.mygoodybag.com. You can choose from boy or girl stickers from a 12 count to 18 count for $2.99 and then browse their other section for a wide variety of stickers and prices.

Check out your local dollar story for bulk items like spiders, Halloween rings, and other misc Halloween fun items. You can give out things they can put on right then to add to their costumes.

Halloween whistles can be bought for $5.99 for 72 whistles at www.orientaltrading.com. This will bring enjoyment to the kids while they walking from house to house. You can also find glow in the dark bouncing balls for $5.99 for 48 balls. This will help keep them occupied while their parents check their candy at home. You can get 144 Halloween spin tops for $5.99 and this is great for younger kids or 72 mini sticky Halloween glitter characters for $6.99. You will find several other things you can buy to give out the night of Halloween as well.

If you want to give out something edible but not candy, you can also give protein bars or cereal bars. Something else to think about is the fact that they will be thirsty. I know my in-laws sold water and Gatorade at their yard sale, and sometimes they didn’t even sale anything but the drinks. So you could keep some cold water and Gatorade on hand to hand out to the kids, I am sure they will love that since they are walking around all night and probably won’t get these items at other houses.

As you can see there is a variety of options instead of typical candy that can be given out. Try to think about what you would like if you were not getting candy as a kid and have fun giving those items out. Remember to have a safe and fun Halloween.



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