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Alternatives to Candy for Halloween Trick-or-Treating

Published by Anthony Fukada

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Keep Kids Happy with Toys, Money, or Even Toothpaste!

I can remember going trick-or-treating as a young girl. We’d often go over to my friend’s house and my sister, my friend, and I would all go trick-or-treating together on her street. Then our moms would drive us back to the street where my family lived and we’d go trick-or-treating there.

There was always one person on my friend’s street that didn’t give out candy, but she still participated in trick-or-treating. She would even get all dressed up in a witch’s outfit and it was a lot of fun to go to her door.

It was never disappointing and even the fact that we didn’t get candy wasn’t disappointing. Instead, of handing out candy, she’d hand out pennies! It was always a lot of fun to go home and count those pennies. With candy being a great cause for children to have to visit the dentist and also for today’s obese children, it’s a good idea to give things other than candy. This way parents won’t have to be concerned about checking candy, either.

In fact, I’ve heard of and seen many other alternatives to candy as well.


Why not give money? They pennies were always fun for my friend, my sister, and me. It may not have been much at all, but it was still something. Besides, you may even end up giving less than you’d spend in buying candy! Just take what you’d normally spend on candy, get it all in pennies, and just give a little pinch of pennies to each child that comes to the door!


Fruit may be an okay alternative, but there are the worries that somebody may poison or put something harmful into the fruit. It’s sad that anybody would do this and the majority of people probably wouldn’t, but the risk is always there and that will probably simply scare parents into throwing any fruit away. You can still give it, though. It will be safe, especially if you know the families. They’ll know it is safe, then.

Erasers, Pencil Toppers, Temporary Tattoos, and More

You can often buy erasers, pencil toppers, temporary tattoos, and other little items from a local dollar store. There may even be section divided for boys and for girls so you can get little items for both genders. Most of these things, though, tend to be gender neutral or you can at least find ones that are gender neutral. If you really can’t find these things at a dollar store, you can order them from Oriental Trading.

Toothbrushes and Toothpaste

It’s doubtful that you’d want to give out full size toothbrushes and toothpaste unless you are extremely rich or have very few trick-or-treaters come to your house. However, they do sell small sample sizes of toothpaste and little toothbrushes. Think how glad parents will probably be to have this in their children’s Halloween goodies! Children may even be willing to easily brush their teeth because it is something they got special for Halloween!

If things aren’t decorated for Halloween, you can always decorate them! Children are sure to love things more if they fit the Halloween theme!


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